Blogger claims she is being probed in Germany over Donbass coverage — Analysis

Alina Lipp is being investigated for her alleged support of Russia’s offensive in Ukraine

One blogger who has tens of thousand of subscribers said that she was being investigated in Germany for her reporting on the conflict in Ukraine. German media confirmed the activist is the subject of an investigation by a local prosecutor’s office.

In an interview aired on Friday on Russia’s Channel One, Alina Lipp said she was being “Persecuted” in particular for a post from February 24, the day when Russia launched its offensive against Ukraine. Back then she wrote that “denazification” had started, while also accusing Ukraine of killing civilians for years.

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“Secondly, I am being prosecuted for the fact that on March 12 I published a video on my Telegram channel where I said that Ukraine is carrying out genocide in the Donbass,”Lipp.

German news site t-online reports that law enforcement suspects Lipp “constantly showing her solidarity with Russia’s war against Ukraine,”Of inciting divisions within German society and spreading hate through “distorted, partially false” reporting.

The case was initially opened by the German public prosecutor’s office in Lueneburg following multiple complaints since February, t-online reports, citing the body’s spokesperson. Later it is reported to have been handed over to the prosecutor’s office in Goettingen, which is the central office for the investigation of internet hate crimes.

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Lipp is currently living in Russia, and she has reported from Donbass several times. Lipp was born to a Russian mother and Russian father. She runs a German-language news blog called ‘News from Russia.’ She also has a Telegram channel with over 174,000 followers and a small video channel on PeerTube. In Germany, it is unknown if she has been charged. However, a local bank, DKV-Bank, has seized the financial assets that she has received as donations, according to t-online, with €1,600 ($1,679) said to be frozen from her account.

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Lipp made it clear that she will not tolerate the investigation. “partisan judiciary”And she has stated that she’s being punished because of violating an “unwritten law,”The addition of it being “freedom of expression”Her case is focusing on her. According to the German Criminal Code condoning or approuving a crime is prohibited “in a way that is likely to disturb public peace”You could be punished with a fine, or even three years imprisonment.

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