Do You Have These Toxic Traits?

The truth is most people who are toxic do not even realize that they are. It is thus really important for all of us to be honest with ourselves and take a close look at how we act and how we think. You can do anything you want, try to take care of your spirituality, go to school, work out, and end up failing at everything when you have toxic traits like the ones mentioned below.

Assuming The Worst All The Time

One characteristic of unhealthy people is that they assume the worst of everything. For instance, they make the assumption that there is no person that likes them, that they will mess up, or that it is impossible for them to be successful, regardless of what they do. These people predict that those around them have bad intentions and always think about the worst scenarios as something that will inevitably happen.

A Blind Trust In Fate

Most toxic people think that everything happening is dictated by fate. If they have some bad luck, they just say that it is not something that they can control. Due to this blind reliance on luck, little responsibility is taken for what is actually happening. This can only lead to blaming other people for any misfortune that appears, with close to zero accountability.

Trusting Trending Health Fads

A toxic person often starts to be involved in the latest fads without doing even minimum research. When there is a claim made about products offering miraculous results, it is common to just buy them. This is, in part, because of an inability to perform a critical analysis and understanding if the product claim is legit or not. This can only lead to even more toxicity in the future as the health fads fail and resentment appears.

Always Looking For Easy Ways Out

Toxic people often want very fast solutions to the problems they encounter. Immediate results are expected and it is common to see a belief that hard work is not going to help reach a specific desired status. The actual expectation is that things will change and that they will get better soon.

In reality, you cannot take the easy way out for most things in life.

Lack Of Goals

You never hear a toxic person talk about their goals. This is because they do not have them. You will not see them work towards goals in life. In most cases, they just say they want some specific things to become better. Unfortunately, they do not build any strategy that can actually improve a negative situation.


Toxic individuals often feel jealous as they see someone else is successful. This can lead to anger and it can be experienced when a person earns more, is more attractive, or has a much better life. These people do not analyze their life or the life of the more successful person. They do not see the hard work someone needs in order to gain success. Instead, the toxic person thinks that life is not fair and he/she often believes that something else dictates personal failure.

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