France threatens to ‘cause the collapse of the Russian economy’ — Analysis

Bruno Le Maire, France’s Minister of the Economy, has pledged that his country will “wage a total economic and financial war on Russia,”This article outlines how Europe intends to punish Russia and President Vladimir Putin for the invasion of Ukraine.

Franceinfo was informed Tuesday by the Minister of Government that Sanctions will be imposed. “applied”To individuals and to entities jusqu’ “Vladimir Putin returns to better intentions in Ukraine.”

It is possible to say that “488 personalities”France has been included in the current list of people under European sanctions for the conflict. Le Maire states that France will. “target the heart of the Russian system,”Putin, oligarchs included. This makes it clear that Putin is not alone. “Russian people will also pay the consequences.”

“The sanctions are effective, the economic and financial sanctions are even extremely effective,” Le Maire said, claiming “Russian foreign exchange reserves are melting like snow in the sun,”The “ruble has collapsed by 30%.”

Le Maire, who spoke out beyond just the already imposed sanctions, explained that Europe wants to shift from asset freezing to asset seizure, and the European Union’s (EU) aims to do so. “no oligarch will slip through the mesh of our nets.”

No plans to occupy Ukraine, Russia tells UN

Le Maire, while not disclosing any details, raised military concerns throughout the EU. He claimed that the EU was now facing the aftermath of “this deliberate aggression,”Europe’s history is rich in “become aware of the need to arm itself militarily.”

The comments from the French minister come after Russia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzya, claimed that Moscow has no plans to occupy Ukraine following last week’s military assault on its neighbor.

“Occupation of Ukraine is not part of our plans. This special operation was created to help people who were subject to genocide and abuse by the Kiev regime over the last eight years. This is why it’s necessary to demilitarize and de-nazify Ukraine,” Nebenzia said, reiterating Putin’s earlier justification for the conflict.

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