Big Bean Bag: How to Use It

A big bean bag is a great standalone piece of furniture to use in practically any room in your home.  It’s also a great option for college dorm rooms, vacation rentals or investment properties, and anywhere else you need to provide comfortable, inviting seating without a lot of fuss.  If you’ve purchased a big bean bag, you may be wondering how to use it.  Perhaps you are considering purchasing a big bean bag and wondering if it will be adequate for the need you have.  Regardless of whether you currently own a big bean bag or not, there are many different ways you can use one.  For your consideration, here are three ways you can use a big bean bag in your space. 

  1. Comfortable seating.  We all want to be comfortable in our homes and spaces.  We also all have the need to provide seating for ourselves, our family, and our guests.  An issue can arise when trying to fill those extra spaces in need of a piece of furniture with a seat that is both comfortable and attractive.  Previously, the only option was to add an accent chair.  But accent chairs presented a bigger problem.  While they are indeed stylish and blend well with our décor, they are incredibly uncomfortable.  Because of their hard backs, flat seats, and small bases, they can become somewhat of a “dustible,” simply taking up space and not actually being used by anyone.  A big bean bag can change the accent chair game.  Using a big bean bag in place of an accent chair gives you the additional seating you need while providing the ultimate in comfortable seating.  You won’t have to sacrifice fashion for comfort, either.  Big bean bag chairs come in many different fabrics and colors so you can be certain the one you choose won’t compromise your style.
  2. Bonus bedding.  One of the best ways to use a big bean bag is as additional bedding for overnight guests.  No longer do you need to sacrifice an entire room in your home as the guest bedroom, a room that gets action maybe once or twice a year.  Now, you can reclaim that space as something more beneficial to your specific needs, and still provide bedding for overnight company by using a big bean bag.  While almost anyone can grab a decent night’s sleep on top of a big bean bag, some big bean bags offer the ability to convert directly into a full sized mattress for you and your guests.  The inside of the big bean bag is a mattress filled with furniture grade polyurethane foam.  When it’s time for company, simply unzip the big bean bag and pull out the mattress.  
  3. Game/media room seatingIf you’ve created a game room or media room you’re faced with a pretty big dilemma; providing seating that you and your guests will actually want to sit on for the duration of a game or movie!  At home movie theatre style recliners are expensive and take up valuable space.  Go cheap on seating and the room will likely never get used for its intended purpose.  That’s why big bean bags can be a lifesaver here.  Toss a couple of big bean bags into the media/game room and you and your guests will have incredibly comfortable seating at a fraction of the price of expensive, bulky recliners.  And if you are limited on space, big bean bags can simply be piled in a corner or moved to another room when movie or game time is over. 

Using a big bean bag in your space is a great way to save space and money while still providing comfortable seating for you and your family.  You can provide incredibly comfortable, inviting seating while still retaining style and fashion by using a big bean bag. 


Alex is the co-author of 100 Greatest Plays, 100 Greatest Cricketers, 100 Greatest Films and 100 Greatest Moments. He has written for a wide variety of publications including The Observer, The Sunday Times, The Daily Mail, The Guardian and The Telegraph.

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