Being sustainable during the cost of living crisis

Sustainability is vitally important, and it is a way of living that meets the needs of the present population without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Going green has definitely become a more heavily talked about topic and for good reason! 

However, our world is not where it needs to be at the moment, and the current global cost of living crisis is having a negative impact on sustainability, so we need to work together to do something about it. 

How can we implement sustainability during the cost of living crisis? 

If we continue to live in a world where we do not take our future generations into consideration, their futures will be limited and exclusive of all that nature has to offer. When we become more creative in the ways that we operate and live our daily lives, such as with sustainable packaging, our environment won’t suffer. 

But, it can become difficult during global issues such as the current cost-of-living crisis because saving money becomes the main focus, and sustainability can easily go out the window. 

But we know that the need to practice sustainability is crucial, so what can we do to ease the effect of this crisis on sustainability?

Let’s look at a few ways of how to do so below: 

  • Look for efficient ways to save energy. This could include using energy-efficient appliances, turning off lights when you leave a room, and unplugging electronics when they’re not in use. Did you know you could save up to 600 pounds using more energy-efficient appliances?
  • Dramatically reduce your food waste. This could include planning your meals ahead of time, cooking only what you need, and composting food scraps. Use these scraps to grow your own vegetables and fruit!
  • Walk, bike, or take public transportation instead of driving to save money on transportation costs and reduce your carbon footprint. Get those steps in!

Living sustainably is not always easy, but it is important to remember that it is not just about protecting the environment. It is also about saving money and creating a more resilient economy. We can make a difference by making small changes to our lifestyles.

What else can we say about sustainability? 

In some cases, in the short term, sustainability may seem to add to the cost of living crisis because you may have to pay more for energy-efficient appliances or organic food. However, in the long term, you tend to save more whilst supporting the environment. 

Further to this, when we implement sustainable practices, such as using sustainable packaging to transport our goods, we support our environment in the best way, allowing a massive reduction in the carbon footprint used to transport those goods. Companies such as Tyler Packaging aim to reach a net-zero contamination score with packaging. So, although we’re in the midst of the cost of living crisis, we can implement certain things to help reduce the damage to our world.  By understanding how our actions affect these systems, we can take steps to reduce their negative impacts.



Alex is the co-author of 100 Greatest Plays, 100 Greatest Cricketers, 100 Greatest Films and 100 Greatest Moments. He has written for a wide variety of publications including The Observer, The Sunday Times, The Daily Mail, The Guardian and The Telegraph.

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