7 Sugary Foods to Avoid to Help Protect Your Teeth

When it comes to oral health, sugary foods can be a real risk factor. While most of us know that sugary food is bad for teeth, many don’t think twice about consuming them regularly. The truth is that eating too much sugar can lead to cavities and other serious dental problems. To better protect your teeth and safeguard your overall oral health, it’s important to avoid or limit these seven common sugary foods.

1- Candy

Candy such as jawbreakers, lollipops, and mints contain large amounts of sugar which can easily stick to your teeth and linger long after you finish the treat. Hard candies, in particular, take longer to dissolve and can linger around the mouth for up to several minutes, leaving behind a sticky residue and exposing your teeth to more sugar.

2- Chocolate

Chocolate is often seen as a better alternative to other sugary treats because it contains cocoa butter and other ingredients that help “wash away” the sugar from your teeth. However, eating too much chocolate still creates problems for your oral health since it is high in sugar content and can stick to your teeth.

3- Carbonated Drinks

Popular among teens and young adults, soft drinks are loaded with added sugars such as sugar and caffeine – both of which can coat your teeth and increase the risk of tooth decay. Not only do they contain high amounts of sugar, but many also contain acids and artificial sweeteners that can erode tooth enamel as well.

4- Fruits Juice

Many people mistakenly assume that fruit juices are healthy and low in sugar – but this is not the case. Despite being made from natural ingredients, many fruit juices contain loads of sugar. Many commercially-produced juices contain loads of added sugars or corn syrup, both of which can erode tooth enamel over time.

5- Dried Fruits

Dried fruits such as raisins and dates may seem like a healthy snack but they can be quite damaging to your teeth because the concentrated sugars stick easily to your enamel and cause cavities. Most dried fruits contain more sugar than their fresh counterparts due to the added preservatives and sweeteners.

6- Syrups

From pancake syrup to honey, syrups tend to be loaded with sugars – many of them artificial – that can damage teeth over time. Artificial sweeteners are often used as an inexpensive way to sweeten food products; however, they may not be as safe as originally thought.

7- Cakes, Cookies, and Pastries

From cakes to cookies, baked goods are one of the most popular sources of sugar in our diets today. Not only do these treats pack a lot of sugar into one serving, but they also tend to stick to teeth much longer than other sugary foods due to their sticky texture and shape.

Your oral health is too important to ignore, so make sure you’re limiting these seven sugary foods to better protect your teeth. Eating healthy snacks such as crunchy fruits or vegetables can help remove food particles and plaque build-up from your teeth – plus they are much lower in sugar content.



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