Why the Hamptons Have Been Booming 2020

As many of us know, the pandemic has single-handedly shifted all our perceptions of what is defined as normal. That being said, the housing market definitely saw a peak, especially outside of cities. The Hamptons saw an increase in people as they moved from their penthouses to their beach houses. Socialites like Helen Schifter moved to her Hamptons mansion to stay clear of the virus. 

Many celebrities also decided to stay put and relax at their beach houses. For many, it was a no brainer. Why expose themselves to millions of people as soon as they leave their New York City apartments? There were way too many people living in the cities and once the virus started to spread the Hamptons really filled up.Many restaurants, who are normally only open during the summer months, have to adapt to more people staying for the whole year. Small Hampton Businesses also need to hire to stay open to serve the now booming community. Although most still own property in the city, many are trying to sell and become permanent residents of the Hamptons. Helen Schifter is debating doing that same in order to protect her family to the best of her ability.


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