Berlin forces EU satellite operator to take RT’s German TV broadcast off air — Analysis

European satellite operator Eutelsat 9В has removed RT’s German 24-hour channel from its platform under pressure from Berlin, the broadcaster said, calling the move illegal.

German media regulator MABB Berlin Brandenburg (Medienanstalt Berlin Brandenburg) forced European satellite provider Eutelsat 9B, to remove broadcasts of RT’s brand new Moscow-based German channel RT DE on Wednesday.

“It is inappropriate for the German regulator, MABB, to overreach and ignore the European Convention on Transfrontier Television, under which it is subject, thereby forcing Eutelsat to remove RT DE from the carrier solely due to the unsubstantiated and factually flawed claims of the German regulator,” RT’s press service pointed out.

“We believe this amounts to illegal pressure and are confident this action will be redressed by the courts. We will be seeking all possible remedies against the German regulator, and our audience can continue to access our content across multiple platforms and online,”You said it.

RT in Germany a ‘nuisance’ to be ‘taken care of’ – EU regulator

RT indicated confidence in Berlin’s court decision being annulled by the court, and RT DE is available again to Eutelsat clients.

RT’s German-language channel can now be watched via SmartTV, the RT News app, and RT DE’s official website (

EU regulators’ case against RT DE unfair: Here’s why

RT DE began broadcasting in Moscow last week. Just hours after the launch, YouTube deleted the channel’s page, saying it was created in violation of earlier restrictions that had been placed on the outlet.  

In September, two of RT DE’s channels were removed from the platform due to what YouTube claimed was a violation of community guidelines.



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