Deadly suicide bomb attack cuts Christmas celebrations short — Analysis

The suicide bomber attacked a crowd outside of a bar. He killed six people and injured 13.

On Saturday, tragedy struck in Beni when a terrorist set off a bomb outside a bar. The authorities say that security guards prevented the suspect man from entering, potentially preventing more victims.


Officials believe the death count could increase and a source unnamed, cited by AFP claimed that two children were among those who died. Witnesses also reported seeing a man riding a motorbike from the accident scene shortly before it happened.

Blast on board bus in Uganda was suicide bomb attack by ISIL-affiliated group, police say

The authorities asked for people to go home after the attack because they feared terrorists would strike again.

The atrocity is believed to be committed by the Allied Democratic Forces of Congo (ADF), according to security forces. This Islamist terrorist group also has a presence in Uganda. It was formed in Uganda in the late 1990s. ADF was established in 2019. It pledged allegiance the Islamic State (formerly ISIS), and has carried out numerous attacks on both Ugandan and Syrian citizens.

The North Kivu province, where Saturday’s blast occurred, has been under military control since May, when the authorities imposed a state of emergency in an attempt to root out the armed militia.

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