8 Popular Skin Care Trends 2019

There’s no better trend than one that involves skin care. A movement to always put your best face forward, to nourish and replenish your skin, or to just plain pamper yourself, is always a breath of fresh air. Find out what have been the hot topics in skincare trends 2019, then try them out for yourself.

Dermatologist Prescribed

More and more people are turning to professionals for individual assessments and products to suit their specific needs. You can also grab medical grade products in retail stores. Look for ingredients like bromelain on the label.

Liquid Exfoliators

Natural fruit acid is used in liquid form for a fantastic exfoliant, and it’s sweeping the globe.


Environmentally friendly skincare is always in style. Many companies are reducing their plastic packaging usage or creating products that can be used without water.

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is making a huge comeback since its former glory days. Use it to target trouble spots and surprise breakouts.

Head-to-Toe Skin Care

Don’t forget to take care of your skin from the neck down! Many body lotions have started incorporating hyaluronic acid (AHA’s). This means you’ll get the benefits of the anti-aging face products you’ve grown to love, but you can use it anywhere!

CBD Oil & Cannabis

This popular ingredient is becoming all the rage everywhere you turn, including skin care products. Since it’s used to treat stress, pain, and anxiety, why not put it to good use in topical form? Look for companies with the lab results to back up their claims before committing to a product. Whatever be your skin related issue, you will find that CBD is good for that.

Sometimes it can be hard to find where to buy cbd, but if you just take some time, do your research, its actually much easier than you think! Read the reviews, call customer service, and spend some time on their sites. Rarely will a reputable company have a poorly made site.

Higher SPF & Better Ingredients

Skincare companies are eager to protect your skin from damaging UV rays, which is why the sun protection factor (SPF) numbers are increasing. An even better option is to wear a separate sunscreen beneath, or on top of your other products. Look for sunscreens and SPF containing cosmetics that do not contain oxybenzone, octinoxate, or avobenzone. These ingredients have been labeled as bad for the environment, particularly coral reefs.


With an app for virtually anything you can think of these days, skincare is no exception. Check out product reviews, get your skincare questions answered, and keep track of your own tips and favorite products. You can even find many companies who now have social media accounts for better service and communication with customers, like this facebook page from Nu Skin.

Stay up to date on the latest skincare trends 2019 for the best skin possible.

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