Meet the Breakout Speakers at Thryv’s Connect21 Annual Conference

Thryv Holdings Inc., provider of an award-winning end-to-end customer experience platform for small businesses, will be holding its annual conference, Connect21, on Nov 10 and 11. Registration is open until Nov 10. The conference is free to attend.

In addition to its keynote speakers, the company has invited several breakout speakers, including,  Kelly Roach, Stephen Bienko, and Malia Morales to complement the larger themes of the event.

Conference Details At a Glance

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Connect21 is being held from Nov 10 – 11
  • Registration is available until Nov 10
  • Conference is free to attend
  • On-Demand content is available now through the conference’s ‘Watch Now’ feature
  • All attendees can access a mobile app upon registration
  • All registered attendees are invited to join the conference’s Slack channel for networking (before, during, or after the event)

The Power of Breakout Speakers

Thryv will feature the following Key Breakout speakers:

  • Kelly Roach: Business Strategist, Unstoppable Entrepreneur
  • Stephen Bienko: President/Co-Founder, 42 Growth Strategies
  • Malia Morales: Senior Vice President, Merrill Lynch

As a whole, the team at Thryv recognizes the challenges of small- to medium-sized business owners, and its CEO Joe Walsh is always on the hunt for how different products and services can help them overcome the barriers that stand in the way of anything from expansion to stronger bottom lines.

Kelly Roach: The 4x Method for High-Performance Teams (Nov 11, 9:55 AM – 10:25 AM CST)

This segment will cover:

  • Simple steps to transform your employees into an invested, capable, and committed team.
  • How to alleviate burnout by trusting your staff.
  • Systematic leadership qualities that encourage people to contribute to and strengthen your vision.

Entrepreneurs may have the heart, but they don’t always have enough insight when they’re lost in such demanding agendas. Kelly Roach is known for harnessing all that energy and using it to transform a company into a well-oiled machine.

Time management, delegation, and recuperation might not be revolutionary ideas, but businesses fail again and again for failing to master these basic principles. Roach teaches her clients to generate wealth without having to sacrifice more than necessary. She shows them where they can apply standard practices and how to combine timeless tactics with modern marketing strategies.

After spending years in corporations and becoming the youngest Sales VP at a Fortune 500 company, she’s developed a coaching program that focuses on accountability and strategy. She’s also the inventor of the Live Launch Method, an approach that has consistently generated 6-figure results through digital launches.

Kelly Roach is a best-selling author, the host of The Unstoppable Entrepreneur Show, and an ongoing guest on networks like ABC, NBC, and Fox. She’ll be at Thryv’s Connect 21 to teach small business owners more about what it means to balance resources — no matter where they’re starting — so they can come out on top.

Stephen Bienko: Is Your Business Social? (Nov 11, 9:25 AM – 9:55 AM CST)

This segment will address:

  • Why social media is often misused by companies.
  • How to actually start worthwhile conversations with customers.
  • When to branch out to social media platforms.
  • What it takes to build organic traffic to your pages.

CEO Stephen Bienko is the leader of social media marketing agency 42G. Specializing in social media management and marketing, Bienko is playing a key role in how future social media leaders are introduced to and educated in this ever-evolving world.

Before 42G, Bienko had a long list of accomplishments in the entrepreneurial world. He was the CEO of Fownders, a company that provided startups with a proven framework for success. He was also the President of 42 Holdings, a company that specialized in brand ownership in the home services industry.

Stephen got his start in business by training professional athletes in sports, developing multiple athletic facilities along the way and finding a passion for mentorship in the process. Whether it’s an up-and-coming Olympic contender or a disadvantaged youth with a killer business plan, Bienko is serious about helping others fulfill their dreams.

Stephen has been featured in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal and on everything from AMC to Fox News to BRAVO. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for the PACE School for Girls, the Valarie House, and the Job Creators Network.

Bienko looks forward to exploring how modern audiences consume social media and what businesses can do to compete in this saturated landscape. Due to his breadth of expertise, though, Connect21 attendees might be surprised at the layers he brings to the table.

Malia Morales: The Lifecycle of Your Business: From Start-Up to Exit (Nov 10, 10:05 AM – 10:35 AM CST)

Morales will help business owners understand more about:

  • How competing demands can ultimately break down an organization from the inside out.
  • Why certain aspects of operations (e.g., customer retention, revenue growth, etc.) can be quickly thrown off balance without enough oversight.
  • What it takes to grow personal wealth while still funding business liquidity and managing cash flow.

As a Sr. VP at Merrill Lynch, Malia Morales has 16 years of experience in investment. Starting as an associate and working her way through Financial Advisor on her way into the private wealth sector, she’s learned a lot about what it takes to manage money in the short-term while planning for the long-term. When a professional’s day wraps up, they’re still beholden to their family and the larger dreams they’ve built for themselves.

Certified in investment management analysis and a member of the Investments & Wealth Institute, Morales has demonstrated proficiency in everything from asset management to wealth transfer to concentrated stock strategies. Within the Merrill Lynch’s Personal Investment Advisory program, she’s a Senior Portfolio Manager as well as the leader for business development for Tactical Associates.

This seasoned professional graduated from Stanford with a dual major and has been named to a number of Forbes lists, including America’s Top Next-Generation Wealth Advisors and America’s Top Women Advisors.

Her contribution to Thryv will help round out an attendee’s experience by providing concrete fiscal strategies that will help entrepreneurs manage revenue and increase profits within the context of a broader plan that will secure their financial future for life.

The Promise of Thryv

Thryv Holdings provides global software designed for busy owners and managers without a lot of time to spare. Known for its intuitive features across a wide range of industries (including anything from burgeoning medical practices to solo dog walkers), the platform can improve everything from customer satisfaction to employee retention.

The staff also offers a number of marketing services that make it possible for entrepreneurs to grow their base. Connect21 and its talented breakout speakers is just one example of the many opportunities they offer to anyone who wants to get ahead.

Thryv Holdings (NASDAQ:THRY) is a global software and marketing services company that empowers small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), franchises, and agencies to grow and modernize their operations so they can compete and win in today’s economy. Over 45,000 businesses use our award-winning SaaS platform, Thryv®, to manage their end-to-end customer experience tools, which has helped businesses across the U.S. and overseas grow their bottom line. Thryv also manages digital and print presence for over 300,000 businesses, connecting these SMBs to local consumers via proprietary local search portals and print directories. For more information about Thryv Holdings, Inc., visit

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