7 Warning Signs Your Home’s Septic Systems Needs Repairs

Homes that have septic systems installed benefit much in terms of health. They often consist of a large tank underneath the house, which collects wastewater from all fixtures, such as toilets, washing machines, showers, and dishwashers. Septic systems help eliminate the risk of releasing pathogens into your local environment. They prevent all human waste from contaminating surface water courses, which enter local rivers, streams, and lakes. You must ensure they are in good condition to avoid environmental pollution, which can result in various health hazards. Here are seven warning signs that your home’s septic system may need repairs.

1. Slow Draining Fixtures

You may need to repair the system if your toilets or sinks are slowly draining. This can happen when it gets blocked due to residue and dirt buildup. The solid materials clog the pipes that drain water from fixtures such as toilets, showers, and sinks. When this happens, it is advised that you call a septic repair company to help you take care of this problem.

2. Foul Odors

If you notice that your toilets or drains are emitting foul smells, you may need to hire a septic system repair company. This problem is normally caused by a buildup of dirt and residue in the pipes that drain wastewater from the fixtures. When the solid waste starts to decompose in the drain pipes, it can release foul-smelling gasses into the air. The gases can spread and make their way into your house’s living areas, resulting in an unpleasant odor.

3. Greener Grass Over the Septic System

When you notice that the grass growing over your septic system is greener and healthier than the other areas of your lawn, it could mean the system is overflowing. The leaking organic waste fertilizes the soil around the septic tank, which causes the grass around it to grow much healthier than the rest of your lawn.

4. Sewage Backup

You may need to repair your septic system if you notice a sewage backup in your home or onto your property. This happens when the drainage lines are clogged with solid materials such as dirt and oils. The drainage pipes can block completely, preventing wastewater from flowing into the septic tank. As a result, it causes backflow and overflows into your home or property.

5. Gurgling Sounds in the Plumbing System

Gurgling sounds from your home’s plumbing system can indicate that you need to hire a septic repair Company. This happens when the pipes are blocked with solid materials such as dirt and grease. The pipes start to overflow, causing gurgling sounds in the plumbing system as the water slowly trickles down the clogged drain pipes.

6. Spongy or Wet Spots in the Yard

When you notice spongy or wet spots in your yard, it could indicate an issue with the septic system. This happens when the soil in your yard is saturated and unable to drain due to a leak in your septic system. The excess water ends up on the soil’s surface and creates puddles.

7. Algae Bloom in the Nearby Water Bodies

If you live near a water body, such as a lake, river, or stream, and you notice algae bloom, this could indicate that your septic system is not working properly. The excess waste released into the environment might decompose in the water bodies creating a breeding ground for algae. The algae attract various forms of pests and insects, which can lead to the spread of diseases.

You should regularly inspect your septic system to ensure it is functioning correctly. If you notice any of the above-listed signs, you should get your septic system repaired immediately to avoid further problems. Hiring a professional septic repair company will ensure that your septic system is working properly and also help to prevent any issues with it in the future.



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