2020 Election from a Military Perspective

On Tuesday, the American public will be making one of its most critical decisions in its history. I retired in 2016 after 35 years of military service. In the 2016 election, I did not vote for Donald Trump. However, I will absolutely be voting for him on Tuesday, despite most of my siblings and one of my Senators (Mitt Romney) voting against him because of his “personality”.

My reasons are political as well as practical; Donald Trump gets things done, while serving the people (and sometimes Republicans help him). After 47 years in politics Joe Biden has gained prosperity, power, prominence, and position, but has little to show in the way of benefit to the average American (and always Democrats seek more for themselves). He has enriched himself and his family through his positions. But I doubt any honest American can point to a Biden policy that has benefited them personally, or the country as a whole. 

The contest between these two men (and the consequences of their actions/inactions) reminds me of my own experience in the military. During the Reagan era, I was in command of a long-range reconnaissance unit. This type of airborne infantry unit had strong and dedicated soldiers doing a tough and dangerous job.

We were trained to operate in enemy territory, helping the mission of the conventional troops. I had a sergeant in my command who was a bit rough around the edges, direct in his speech, offensive to certain people, and undeniably unconventional. Of course, we were an unconventional unit. There were times that I took him aside to try to smooth out some of his rougher edges, then I proceeded to try to smooth things over with some of the people who had taken offence of his “personality”.

He and I were different in many ways, but we shared many things in common. Things that really mattered. We both worked extremely hard to accomplish whatever mission came our way (some missions were exceptionally dangerous), we loved the men, and we loved our country. In the end he gained my respect and admiration, as well of that of the men; because he worked so hard to benefit others, despite his “personality”.

Fast forward a couple decades and after suffering a parachute accident and becoming a healthcare provider, I was in command of a large military clinic. Barrack Obama was now the Commander-in-Chief. There was another colonel who was a darling of the establishment. Born to privilege, she had the “right” education and knew all the “right” people. Politically correct and politically connected, I found her to be more concerned with her position, and less concerned with the people in her command, not to mention the patients.

She was careful and indirect in her speech. Like so many other commanders from the Obama era, he was content to not take risks, nor improve service to the patients, nor really care for the members of the unit. I found her to be duplicitous, deceitful, and intellectually dishonest. Her intrigues, ineffectual actions, and craven inactions hurt the unit overall and ruined the careers of some incredibly good and patriot individuals. The Obama military protected her despite her failures, but failed to protect her rivals whom she set traps for and who should have had her job in the first place.

The similarities of the two men running in this election to the military leaders I encountered in my career can act as an admonishment to voters. Joe Biden is like that corrupt and dishonest colonel. He is content with power and position; despite the damage it can do to other individuals and the country as a whole. Donald Trump has proven that he is smart, resourceful, and gets things done; despite the ruthless and corrupt opposition he gets from Leftist politicians and the Deep State. He relentlessly fights for the American people.

I will not make the same mistake in 2020 that I did in 2016. I will enthusiastically vote for President Trump so he can lead us out of the darkness and decay imposed upon the country by Democrats, despite his unusual “personality”. As in my command, disquieting “personalities” can make soldiers, military units, and America great!

Dr. CS Lauritzen, DDS, PhD, MHSM, ABGD

Doctor Lauritzen is a 35-year veteran of the United States Armed Forces. He treats the working poor at a local community health center and speaks to community groups on leadership and teamwork.

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