Google unveiled ‘swipe to visit’ feature for mobile users and it’s amazing!

Google, in an attempt to make browsing experience smoother, rolls out a feature called ‘swipe to visit’ that lets users to quickly visit the image source webpage for mobile browsers. This feature is based on Google’s AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) project which was first introduced in 2015. This project focused on a framework that was designed to enhance mobile browsers and webpages.

Google now unveiled the ‘swipe to visit’ feature for a better and faster way to access pages from Google images. This works in a manner that when a user selects an image on the mobile browser, the user will see a preview of the website where the image was sourced at the bottom of the screen. Now, the user can swipe up this preview to visit that corresponding website page instantly.

Image search is no doubt a very smooth technique to find more information related to the topic users are searching for rather than typical site results. ‘Swipe to visit’ feature will improve the user experience on Google SERPs. This feature was first previewed at Google I/O 2019 in an attempt to make browsing experience smoother. Publishers who already support AMP program on their sites will take advantage of AMP capability and don’t need to take any further action for their sites to appear in ‘swipe to visit’ featured pages.

The feature will make the publisher’s job easier because each time a user pays a visit on their site by swiping up on the mobile browser, it will be counted as a page visit for the site. If the website is not optimized with AMP, the page will load in a previous manner and the user has to click on the link below the image to access the source website. Google claims that more AMP-based features are to be unveiled in the next few years that will cut the load time of websites that will benefit thousands of web domains across the globe. 



Sarah Ruth

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