How Much Collagen is in Bone Broth

You’ve probably heard some of the buzz about taking collagen supplements to support your bones and joints, but did you know why it is considered an important ingredient for your health? You can think of collagen as the glue that holds the body together, it is literally in every moving part of your body, and it cushions and strengthens all of the areas where bones touch and allows for smooth and easy motion. Our bodies produce collagen naturally, but the levels of production decline as we age. Luckily, we can add to the amount of collagen in our bodies by consuming a supplement or food that is rich in collagen. Bone broth is a great example of a food that has lots of collagen in it, and today we will look closely at just how much collagen is in bone broth.


Bone broth is an ideal vehicle for adding collagen to your body for several key reasons. What bone broth does is truly amazing, it is a superfood that has been used by humans since before recorded history, and we have only recently rediscovered its wonderful benefits. Bone broth is made by slow cooking the bones and cartilage of the animal over several hours or even an entire day. This slow cooking process draws out the natural collagen that is in the animal bones and makes it digestible for humans when we drink the bone broth. Because the slow cooking process gets the collagen in the animal bones to liquify it forms a broth. This broth is almost a magic elixir that can give your body the kind of collagen boost that can be really helpful to our bones and joints.


Adding collagen to your diet can be helpful to many different parts of your body. Most people don’t realize that collagen plays a huge role in skin, nail, and hair health. If you want to get that natural sheen back to your hair, try adding collagen as a supplement to your diet. Strong shiny nails can also be achieved with collagen, and smoothing skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles is also a well known benefit of collagen. Every bone in our body is connected to one another through collagen, and strengthening that bond can be vital as we age or recover from injury. Our bones and ligaments depend on collagen to connect to one another and our entire body needs collagen to move freely about. Just about everything we do can be aided by adding collagen to our bodies through a supplement or by consuming it directly through superfoods such as bone broth.


Bone broth has another great benefit that many other methods of adding collagen to your body don’t have, it can aid the digestive system. The collagen in bone broth is consumed and right away goes to work aiding and repairing our gut. Our gut is where over seventy percent of our immune system resides, and the collagen in bone broth will stimulate the bacteria in the gut to boost the immune system and help fight off unwanted pathogens that can cause great harm. The collagen in bone broth when consumed will also seal any leaks in our digestive tracts, and this will prevent some long term ailments that can be deadly. The gut is a complex system, and even a small leak can do permanent harm over time. Drinking bone broth can help prevent these common problems.


The collagen you get in bone broth is possibly the most ideal way to consume this immensely important nutrient. It has so many great benefits, and since it is relatively new to modern medicine, the benefits are still being discovered. Our ancestors knew that bone broth was a natural medicine, and now you get those same benefits today by either making your own bone broth or getting from a specialty web store where they brew their own in small batches. Go out and try some bone broth today, you won’t regret it!


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