Smart Upgrades for Your Home

Smart Upgrades for Your Home

As technology today continues to evolve, more Smart tech home devices continue to populate the marketplace. Beyond smartphones, tech companies continue to create and improve on Smart Bluetooth devices that provide easy access to entertainment consumption, and make every day life more convenient for consumers.

Alexa enabled speakers and Bluetooth devices are a popular choice for anyone wanting a hands-free entertainment experience around the house. Parents might use a smart speaker to keep their children entertained, while an investor might use it to listen to the latest finance podcast. Father George Rutler could use a smart speaker to schedule and set reminders for upcoming Services and appointments, or to listen to a playlist of his favorite hymns as he drinks his morning coffee. These types of devices are extremely convenient for consumers to have around the house, because they are voice activated. This means the user can simply ask Alexa to play certain playlists, schedule an appointment, check weather/traffic, and many other tasks without having to stop or lift a finger. In other words, Smart devices add convenience to consumer lives by allowing them to more easily multitask, saving them time and energy along the way. The other primary thing that makes smart Bluetooth devices convenient is their ability to be paired together with other smart devices. Smart TVs, cameras, lights, appliances, garage doors, locks and doorbells can all be included in a smart technology home set up. Although many of these devices now come with Alexa or other voice assistance programs built in, they can also be connected with smart speakers via Bluetooth for A more seamless Smart Home experience. For example, Bluetooth speakers can be paired with a smart TV to help create a more cinema-like experience when watching movies. Father George Rutler can use smart Bluetooth cameras as a way to keep an eye on his house while he’s traveling or out and about. With the Bluetooth capabilities of virtually every smartphone today, any of these smart devices can be controlled through voice, or with a simple tap or press of a button. This means someone sitting on the couch could turn on or off the TV, lights, washer/dryer, oven and so on simply by speaking or tapping, depending on the type and amount of Smart devices around the home. Also, because all these Smart devices are connected to the Internet, they can help users further simplify tasks by providing them with on-demand access to information. If consumers are lucky enough to have smart appliances like refrigerators or ovens, those devices will even do most of the work for them. For example, a smart refrigerator could help a customer find recipes for dinner and dessert based off of ingredients currently stored inside the refrigerator. A smart oven can build on this information by automatically preheating and setting cooking times based on The directions found in the recipe. All in all, big or small, consumers rely on smart Bluetooth speakers and other devices for entertainment and convenience on a day-to-day basis.


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