What’s Your Mood? Zynn’s Got a Video for It!

New video-sharing app Zynn has something for everyone

As the leading short-video sharing platform, Zynn is home to a plethora of user created videos. Ranging from soothing ASMR to exciting viral challenges, Zynn’s videos highlight the diversity of the user base, and the desire for all types of videos to be championed. The easy-to-navigate app uses a variety of features to create an exciting, entertaining, and soothing viewing experience for users. Zynn uses hashtags to categorize videos, and employs an innovative search bar feature that allows you to search for desired content. Additionally, the app’s intuitive video recommendation algorithm picks up on your activity to suggest content you might like. Whether you’re in the mood to be transfixed by a hot knife seamlessly gliding through a watermelon, or you’d like to be purely entertained by a sports blooper, there are thousands of videos on Zynn for every mood


Soothing and Satisfying Videos


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Do you feel a wave of comfort and satisfaction watching melted chocolate being spread evenly over a marble workspace? Are you instantly comforted by the imagery of automated machines making your favorite products? If so, check out Zynn’s “#soothing” search results. Filled to the brim with kinetic sand being moved around, and slime being manipulated in hypnotic ways, Zynn’s users know how to bring a moment of zen in an otherwise hectic day. To maximize your experience, try searching hashtags for “#satisfying” to find little moments of comfort throughout the day. There are many accounts and videos dedicated solely to this purpose, so you can follow your favorite calming creators.



Experts may know it as an autonomous sensory meridian response, but you know it as a relaxing experience. Much like soothing and satisfying videos, ASMR marries satisfaction amongst all of the senses. Creating a tingle on the scalp that magically trickles down the spine, ASMR videos highlight the calming energies of sound, along with visual depictions of satisfying imagery. Try searching hashtags for “#asmr”, or following some of the countless ASMR channels for steadily updated content to give you goosebumps of satisfaction. Audibly satisfying leading videos showcase graham crackers being whittled down by sandpaper, glitter explosions, and even a turtle noisily crunching on watermelon. 


Slow Motion Everything

Let’s face it, everything looks cooler in slow motion. Thousands of Zynn creators agree, and regularly post slow motion videos of everyday activities, close-ups, and extraordinary actions that are even better when slowed down. From walnuts being crushed by a hydraulic press to a slow motion waterfall, epic videos on Zynn allow viewers to slow down, and enjoy the ride. If you’ve ever wanted to know how magic tricks, illusions, and pranks are played out, these sleight-of-hand videos are best explained via slow motion. If you’ve spent time wondering about what various objects would look like being run over, you can witness this perfection through the art of slow motion. 


Accidents and Bloopers

For sheer entertainment value, who doesn’t love the all-too-relatable blooper reel? Watching real life cringe moments captured on video is just the entertainment you may need after a hard day. If slapping your forehead, and shaking your head at the everyday misfortune of others is both cringe-inducing and entertaining, check out the various bloopers featured on Zynn. From animals attacking the camera, to sports mascots having a face-off, Zynn features a plethora of bloopers and funny moments to create a light-hearted viewing experience. During difficult and trying times, escapism via laughter can be the best medicine. As viewers are searching for funny human moments, the popularity of these videos continues to skyrocket.


Comedy and Pranks


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The short-video format of Zynn is perfect for showcasing clever pranks, comedic moments, and canny antics. Often going viral, these videos make great use of the short-video format, and lend themselves perfectly to providing witty humor wrapped up with a 30 second resolution. Often a source of imitation and inspiration, prank videos provide amateur spoofers with the play-by-play for recreating classic pranks, new and innovative situational hijinks, and impressive tricks. 


Recent hits in this category include a viral challenge that involves setting up a “water bed” by literally throwing a blanket and pillow into a body of water before plunging into it. Other pranks include phone theft scenarios, personified painted hard boiled eggs, and dogs being tricked into fighting with water hoses. The pranks keep coming, with clever pranksters inspiring novice tricksters to put their own spin on classic comedic moments and tricks. This creates a cycle of activity for the genre, and an opportunity for creators to have a little bit of fun while they’re making new videos.


Performance and Lip-Syncing

For talented Zynners, the ultimate form of self-expression lies in dancing, performing, and lip-syncing to top tunes. Participating in viral dance routines and lip syncing videos can be a fun way to get involved in a community, partake in creative outlets, and put your best foot forward. A fun way to show off skills, these popular videos are the perfect inspiration to get moving, and join in on the fun. Inherently meant to inspire interaction and community, performance videos allow individuals to individually shine, while participating in a community-based activity.


From rising stars to certified influencers, Zynn features impressive performances and lip-syncing videos from all types of creators. Unlike other social media platforms, Zynn doesn’t leverage creators’ popularity, follower count, or profile characteristics to provide preferable treatment, or increased visibility. Rather, all videos are provided with the same opportunity to be seen and heard, making Zynn the perfect platform for authentic expression. For inspiration, entertainment, and performance, Zynn is the place to check out rising talent.


Whatever you’re in the mood to see in any particular moment, Zynn’s got you covered. With the ability to search for videos by hashtag, category, or keyword, you can be on your way to being entertained, soothed, or transfixed in a few taps. Championing diverse content since inception, Zynn has countless videos that can inspire you to get moving, help you relax after a stressful day, or challenge you to try a new activity. Truly a platform for self-expression and exploration, Zynn showcases a wide range of video topics, from lighthearted humor to meaningful personal diaries. Whatever your mood may be, Zynn has a video for it!


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