XR activists vandalize Colombian diplomatic missions (VIDEOS) — Analysis

Extinction Rebellion has targeted Colombian diplomatic missions across several EU countries, including France and Italy, demanding that the nation address deforestation, coal mining, and indigenous peoples’ rights.

The hard-line climate activist group staged simultaneous protests outside several of Colombia’s diplomatic missions on Tuesday, calling on Bogota to protect biodiversity and stop deforestation. It also urged the country’s government to take action against the El Descanso open-pit coal mine, which is said to be threatening the Yukpa indigenous people.

French activists vandalized Paris’ Colombian Embassy. Footage from the scene shows activists dousing the mission’s entrance in black paint, while plastering placards over its walls.

XR members then chanted slogans while lighting flares that emitted dense pink and black smoke. One activist even bathed in fake blood.

Another protest held outside Colombia’s consulate in Milan, Italy, saw that mission vandalized too. The building’s entrance was covered in fake blood, with a pile of a black substance, which looked like charcoal or coal, left by its doors.

Demonstrations also took place outside Colombia’s missions in Germany’s capital, Berlin, as well as in Madrid, Spain. The protests outside Colombia’s missions were peaceful, and activists did not damage them.

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