Brits living in EU ‘embarrassed to be British’ – study — Analysis

Dismayed by Brexit and London’s handling of Covid-19 pandemic, UK expats say they feel ‘deep, deep shame’ about their home country

UK expats living in EU nations – frustrated by Brexit – have grown so disenchanted with their native country that some are even “embarrassed to be British,”A new academic study has revealed this.

The survey, which was released on Wednesday and conducted by Lancaster and Birmingham universities, revealed that Brits living throughout the continent have been alienated by their home country’s breakaway from the EU, among other factors. “The long tale of Brexit is evident in its continuing impacts both on the way they live their lives and in its lasting significance for their sense of identity and belonging,”Michaela Benson is a Lancaster University sociology professor and study leader.

However, the survey respondents revealed far more. “emotional attachment” to their country of residence and the EU than to the UK. Around 75% of respondents said that they were either. “extremely”Or “very”59% felt attached to their country of residency, and only 33% were so for the EU. Just 30% felt strongly attached to the UK. Among them, 7% said that they felt this way. “extremely”Attached to the country of their origin.

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According to the study, Brexit was a major factor in this estrangement. About 80% of expats said the UK’s exit from the EU had affected their feelings toward their home country “a great deal”Or “a lot.”For 41%, Brexit had a significant impact on their past and future plans. A further 17% said their plans were affected at least moderately by the UK’s handling of Covid-19, which respondents described with such terms as “shambolic,” “mixed messaging”And “s**t show.”

Comments were similarly colorful on expats’ feelings toward the post-Brexit UK, including “deep, deep shame”And “embarrassed to be British.”One expat who lives in Denmark stated that “Since Brexit, I am disappointed in the UK. It is worrying that I no longer have the same affection for the country. It’s a shame because I love home, but the country feels so polarized.”

Frau from Britain who was living in Austria had also been troubled. “I feel disconnected, like it’s a completely different country from how I left it. So much so I feel more connected with my second nationality…”

It’s embarrassing what’s happened in the UK and what continues to happen. It’s like watching a house on fire from afar.

Benson claimed that the study revealed a “quite pronounced expression of European identity”Among the expats. Two-thirds (63%) of the respondents stated that they have changed their status from 2016 to become citizens or residents. Most are living in another country for at most five years. 73% of respondents plan to stay in their home for the long-term.

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Brits at home felt the study was a hit. On Wednesday and Thursday, the Daily Express conducted a survey to find out if readers were satisfied with their results. “embarrassed to be British.”Over 11,000 people responded, and 87% of them said they were satisfied. “No,”Many expats were angry at their disgruntled status. “Only remainers are embarrassed to be British,”A reader shared his opinion. “I’m proud to be English first and British second, but most of all, I’m proud to be a Brexiter.”



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