Prince Andrew accuser seeks evidence of ‘no sweating’ claim — Analysis

The British monarch’s lawyer described the request to obtain personal medical information in harassment.

Attorneys for Virginia Giuffre are seeking proof of Prince Andrew’s claims that he suffers from a condition that prevents sweating, which he says disproves Giuffre’s sexual assault allegations against him.

Giuffre says the prince sexually assaulted him in 2001, at Jeffrey Epstein’s home and that of Ghislaine Minwell, his business partner. Maxwell was found guilty last week on charges related to sex trafficking. Giuffre was not present at the trial but her claims were mentioned. Giuffre claims that the attacks began at 17 years old and Prince Andrew knew about her age. 

The request for proof of Prince Andrew’s purported condition forms part of Giuffre’s New York civil case alleging sexual abuse. The royal claimed in a 2019 interview that one issue undermining Giuffre’s account of a sexual assault was the detail of his having been “dripping with sweat”They were then dancing in a club. This, the prince claimed, would have been impossible because of his inability to sweat. This is the legal request “all documents concerning your alleged medical condition of anhidrosis, hypohidrosis, or your inability to sweat,”Also, details about his communication with Maxwell and Epstein. 

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The request has been rejected by the lawyers for the prince. “harassing”It seeks to “private information”This is it “irrelevant, immaterial and not reasonably calculated to lead to the discovery of admissible evidence.”

This latest move in the case was itself a response to the attempt by the prince’s legal team to get the suit thrown out, They argue that, as Giuffre now lives primarily in Australia, the case should be halted until it’s determined whether she can legally file in New York. 

Her lawyers have called Prince Andrew’s argument a “transparent attempt to delay discovery into his own documents and testimony,”Giuffre, a Colorado citizen, has been registered to vote there. Therefore, there’s no reason to prevent Giuffre from filing a lawsuit in the US. 

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