Why Try LED Face Masks and Other Face Masks

Face masks are nothing new. People have been putting cosmetic masks on their faces for years. The idea is that the ingredients in the mask will work to benefit the skin in any number of ways, whether it be providing a youthful glow, minimizing acne, moisturizing and so on.

Today, technology is everywhere, and face masks are no exception. Enter the LED light mask.

Just what they sound like, LED masks are masks with LED lights that you put over your face. They are generally used to reduce inflammation and breakouts while revitalizing skin although different types of masks can target different problems. But do they really work?

Read on to find out more about LED face masks and the other face masks that are out there.

How Do LED Masks Work?

LED masks produce various spectrums of light, each of which target different skin concerns. For example, red lights increase circulation and stimulate collagen making them recommended for aging skin. Blue lights help treat acne and are useful for skin that’s prone to breakouts.

While blue and red are the masks used most often, there are also yellow lights that reduce redness and green lights that minimize pigmentation.

Do LED Masks Work?

So, do LED masks really work? Research shows that they do.

One study of 52 women showed that the LED light treatment improved wrinkles around the eye area. Another gave them an average grade of “C” when it came to rejuvenating the skin improving elasticity and hydration.

Other studies reviewed how effective the masks were in treating acne. A 2017 study showed that both red and blue light therapy reduced acne by 46% to 76% after 4 to 12 weeks. A review of 37 clinical studies came up with mostly positive results although this wasn’t the case across the board.

Other Types of Masks to Treat Skin

LED masks may be the latest thing in cosmetology tech, but they are expensive running between $100 and $500. And with varying results on their efficacy, some may prefer to stick with old fashioned methods.

For example, clay masks have been around, seemingly since the beginning of time. They are effective in absorbing toxins from the skin to reduce acne and oiliness. They may also treat certain skin conditions like dermatitis and rashes.

If you are looking for a clay mask you can trust, Vital Clay Mask by Immunocologie is recommended.

Immunocologie is a modern, luxury skin care brand that provides benefits to people with all skin types. Their clay mask is formulated with three earth clays and 12 essential minerals to revitalize your skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties, it softens and hydrates and it reduces the visibility of enlarged pores.

The world of technology has come to skincare making LED face masks a popular treatment option. But are they better than the tried and true methods we have been using for years? Will you be trying one out to see if they are all they’re cracked up to be?

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