Soar High With The Aviator’s Air King Rolex

Air King Watch serves as a tribute to all personnel of different aviation all around the world.

Since the world was in great chaos, Rolex continued to be one of the best watches, especially for pilots. Traversing over the vast sky will not be a hindrance as it keeps them in touch with time. Being a partner that holds their arms to remind them how precious their time is.

 As time becomes more precious than before, we all need to hold time as much as possible. Treasure every second and manage to fill in the gap within ourselves.

Now, in this modern time, Rolex brought the newest watch of all time. Keeping its classic style with a hint of modernized approach. A new yet familiar look that will give all the watch lovers a glimpse of the present and yesteryears.

Introducing New Air King Rolex

This New Air King Rolex watch will be at the forefront of all the Air King watch collections of all time. After all these years, the watchmakers have been working. They came up with the idea to gain great attraction to the market. Marking the brand with its quality and durability, Rolex brings out the best in its every product.

The introduction of the new Air King watch in the market proves that there is no limit to how Rolex continues to serve every one of us. Having the privilege, let’s look at the newest member of the Rolex watches.

New Air King Rolex Features

This watch is as great as the other watches of the Rolex family. Coping up with the new dawn is not a problem as they make this watch a manifestation of this present time. Bringing all the memories of the pilots into one legendary timepiece. 

Tagged as the watch of the modern era, here is what the New Air King Rolex offers.

  1. Oyster Steel Case

One of its features is its steel case, which is manufactured with the help of Triplock technology. It seals the case of the tightness represented by the oyster. The Oyster Steel Case is strong and tight. Thus, you can expect the case is perfectly intact, keeping it away from unwanted incidents.

Since they make the case of steel, it protects the watch from corrosion. The Oyster Steel Case size runs to 40 millimeters. It also has a black dial, likewise with the other Air King Watches. This gives the watch a unique appearance that is quite bizarre.

Oyster Steel serves as a protection to the delicate parts of the inner parts of the watch. Keeping them intact and away from any unwanted and unrecognized damage. Thus, making this durable.

  1. Oyster Bracelet

Another Rolex Air Watch’s Oyster Bracelet can be an unbreakable one. It provides a durable bond that protects the watch from an accidental fall off. It will not easily break and keep the timepiece wrapped up on your wrists, even in tough times.

Aside from that, it provides a luxurious appeal when worn on the wrist of the user. Likewise, with the previous Rolex watches, it is on its mark that the famous and most known look of their product will never pass with time. Even modern brands would not surpass the quality and elegance of the Rolex watches.  

  1. Waterproof Ability

This watch can reach a depth maximum of 300 meters. That is why, aside from pilots, this can also be used in situations exposed to water, such as hiking. Nothing to worry about moisture getting into the watch. Even if you are sweating, it protects your watch.

With this ability, we see it to be more updated than other lines of watches in the company. A unique approach that catches the watch lovers. It also has improved from the past year’s versions with a more modern touch and powerful appeal.

  1. Untouchable by Magnets

Today, Air King Rolex has a built-in Parachrom hairspring. Well, as given on the hind, it is as thin as a single strand of hair. Despite being thin, it manifests a very strong paramagnet. It is crafted out with niobium and zirconium.

With such characteristics, it can manage to resist magnets. Protecting it from various damages brought by magnetism. It is a unique capability that previous watches don’t have. Even other luxury brand watches do not have the characteristic to resist magnets.

  1. Superior Mobility

Naturally, this watch also offers 3131 movements. It supports the timepiece with its great mechanical performance. The tool is solely developed by Rolex and serves as a unique piece for the watchs’ full capability.

The 3131 Movement successfully passed over the Swiss Official ChronometerTesting Institute (COSC). The result of the tests proved the product as high-precision. Because of that, they consider it a certified Swiss Chronometer. Likewise, with all the watches that use the oyster, it is crafted down into reliability alone.


The evolution of the watch has been one of the greatest things that ever happened. The features of the Air King Rolex watch attract the attention of many watch enthusiasts. It offers a sense of satisfaction with the improved capabilities, as well as a purpose without neglecting the benefits to all the users.

As time passes by, we believe that new watches will dominate the market. More choices and characteristics will take place and keep us in touch with the newest trend. More underlying and unique features of the watch will boom and will take place soon.

We are in this present time where we value our time more. With this innovative design of the watch, we will enjoy the support it gives to us in our daily living. Serves as a useful tool not only for the pilots but for all.

Rolex will continue to haul the best professional watches of all time. Years after years, they will pursue their dream to provide more useful and innovative timepieces, considering the importance of meeting the user’s needs. Despite challenges, they will continue their steadfast loyalty to all their loyal and future users.



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