Are Podcasts More Popular Than Listening to Music?

Podcasts or Music?

About 50% of homes enjoy listening to Podcasts. Although 90% of homes listen to music, that’s not a very short jump. Many music artists and social media influencers released Podcasts in hopes of gaining a different audience.

Sharing deeper parts of themselves through the conversation has had a large impact on their views. Now, Spotify and Apple Music are competing to get rights to many well-known podcasters. You should follow the latest music news to keep up to date on what songs and artists are popular.

What do Podcasts require?

Unlike music, podcasts require nothing but a decent microphone and some interesting topics. They don’t need to be produced, remixed, or any of that high-end music editing. Ken Kurson, a financial advisor, enjoys listening to podcasts about the economy or wall street. It helps in stay informed about upcoming stock trends. He is thinking of starting his own podcast. If someone decided to make a podcast at home, they could. Although Spotify and Apple Music might not get a hold of it, posting on YouTube would definitely be a start. Using a podcast hosting platform would also help get the podcast out into the world and they platforms typically have numerous features and tools that will support your efforts, like these (

High intensity music

It is common for many athletes to listen to high-intensity music, such a Rock & Roll, or EDM. It increases their heart rate which in turn increases their athletic training. Athletes like LeBron James prefers listening to social justice podcasts while practicing to hyper music. Many people are following in his footsteps. By staying more informed on the news or even silly Twitter drama, Podcast steams are skyrocketing.

As the virtual platforms grow, many mainstream digital gurus are going to expand to Apple Music and Spotify for hopes of growing more audience and my default, making more money. That’s very understandable due to the current economy of the United States.

Podcast apps?

A variety of new apps are being developed that focus solely on Podcast production. With such a wide market growing around Podcast innovation, companies are investing in the hope to get a high return. Ken Kurson says that the likelihood that app developers will be successful is high. Many music outlets are trying to transition because of the high demand from podcast audiences. Thus, it will cause a spike in steaming downloads and can possibly help new casters earn revenue.


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