Why Djing Has Become Such A Popular Side-Hustle For Many Music Lovers

Modern job seekers have started to turn away from traditional forms of employment and instead are pursuing their creative dreams by working what are known as ‘gig economy’ jobs.

Also known as freelancing or side-hustling, this practice has been around for decades, but it has become increasingly popular over recent years.

These roles are flexible and designed to allow workers the chance to choose their own shift patterns and adapt their working schedules around their lives.

As such, the UK’s gig economy has more than doubled in the past 5 years and is expected to increase even further going forward.

While there are many types of side-hustle out there, ranging from food delivery to proofreading, one popular option is DJing.

Keep reading, and we’ll explain why becoming a DJ has become a popular choice for those looking to earn some extra cash and break into the music scene.

You’ll Get To Work For Yourself

As a DJ, you’ll work for yourself and collaborate with venues and party hosts. That means that you’ll get the ultimate in flexibility, and you’ll keep all the profits from your gigs. It does mean that you’re also taking on all the risk, but if you work hard, then your time and effort should pay off eventually. Also, you can start small and borrow your DJing equipment from venues initially so that you don’t have too much financial risk to worry about. As you grow and prosper as a DJ, you can upgrade to better quality equipment to create a better sound and make DJing more enjoyable.

There Are Many Different Types Of DJ

When you’re looking for a job, it’s important that you find one that suits you. Everyone is different and has their own unique tastes in music and requirements for a side-hustle. Unlike other part-time or flexible jobs, DJing comes in many different types. The different DJ types are each unique, and each one requires a specific set of skills and type of equipment. So, whatever your passion and skills, you can find a style of DJing to suit you.

DJs Can Immerse Themselves In Music

For music lovers, DJing can be a great way to immerse themselves in the world of music. While other side-hustles, such as waiting tables in restaurants or proofreading, can give you a glimpse of what it’s like to work in a specific industry, DJing allows you to completely immerse yourself in music. Also, if you love being the centre of attention at any party, then you could be ideally suited to being a DJ. So, for many club-goers and music fans, being a DJ isn’t too big a leap from their current pastimes and can be a fun way to earn extra money.

You’ll Have The Chance To Learn Many New Skills

DJing is a complicated, technology-driven practice, so you constantly need to learn new skills and about different types of music. So, if you love learning new things and don’t want to stagnate or get bored, then DJing could be a great option for you. You can learn new DJing skills in a variety of ways, including practising at home, observing other DJs, trying out new equipment and more. As such, you’ll never be bored if you choose to become a DJ.

DJing Can Be Profitable

If you get enough gigs and become popular, then DJing can be a great way to make good money. You can make money on the side alongside another role, or you can focus on DJing exclusively and build your reputation and enhance your knowledge of the professional music market. The average salary for a DJ in the UK is high, with the basic rate for DJing being around £27 per hour, which is significantly higher than many other roles. So, if you work hard and learn valuable DJing skills, then you could earn a lot of money from DJing.

You Can Easily Go From Side-Hustle To Full Time Role

As your career as a DJ takes off, you can transition easily from side-hustle to becoming a full-time DJ. Unlike other side-hustles, where you might find it hard to pick up more shifts because you work for someone else, in DJing if you’re offered enough work, then you can stop doing other jobs and concentrate on your DJing career. So, DJing can be a great stepping stone from being a gig economy worker doing various odd jobs to becoming a full-time DJ who loves sharing the latest tunes with attendees and fans.

It Gives You A Chance To Hone Your Skills

Just because DJing is a popular side-hustle doesn’t mean it’s an easy one. It can take time and practice to bolster your following and become the successful DJ you want to be. In some cases, you might have to invest in some better DJing equipment to improve your following and grow your audience, and this might take some time to pay back. Use this article to understand the many benefits of DJing as a side-hustle, and then start your journey towards DJing success.

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