Convicted Of A Crime: How to Ensure This Doesn’t Impact Future Employment Opportunities

The process of being arrested can be stressful, especially if you have never been arrested before. Most people think about what a significant other or family member will say. Immediately after this thought, a majority of people think about their job. Certain charges can make it impossible to work after your arrest. A truck driver with a CDL getting a DUI even in their personal vehicle is a recipe for disaster. There are a few things that you can keep in mind and do that can really help long-term. The following are tips to manage an arrest so it does not impact future job opportunities. 

Get A Great Criminal Defense Attorney

Finding a criminal defense attorney with a multitude of experience with cases like yours could take research. You should not wait to find an attorney though as certain cases might require immediate action. A plea deal might be your only option with the charges being dropped down to something lesser. This can be a great idea as less serious charges can usually be expunged which will be discussed below. 

Diversion programs can be so valuable for someone that wants their charges completely dropped. If you have been arrested for the same crime multiple times, the judge isn’t going to give a diversion program option. Your attorney might know which prosecutors and judges are more apt to accept these kinds of arrangements. The diversion program could include substance abuse counseling or even community service. The most important aspect of a diversion program is completing it and staying out of trouble while you do so. 

Expungement Is An Option For Some Charges

An expungement lawyer can be very helpful if you’d like to wipe your arrest or charges from your record. Investing in this is a great idea if you are aiming to get a job at a company with better title and compensation levels. There is a waiting period to have some charges expunged and federal background checks for government jobs might still pick them up. If you want a clean slate, this is the best course of action that you can take. 

Remember Not All Remote Jobs Do Background Checks

A background check is something that nearly all jobs require when working in a traditional office setting. The employer wants to protect their current staff so violent offenses could be a giant red flag. Remote jobs might be far more relaxed when it comes to charges from a long time ago. The truth is that a number of people will only see their coworkers via virtual meetings for the rest of their careers. Contract jobs as a copywriter are a great example of a position that a company might not think it is worth background checking for. 

An arrest is not going to result in the end of your career if it was for charges that are not deemed as serious as others. Use the tips above to reduce the impact of an arrest or conviction on your career.

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