The Top Four Marketing Tips For Growing Businesses According To Luke Lazarus

Luke Lazarus is a major name in the Australian marketing industry. He is trusted by businesses across the country, and he also works with clients outside the market who would like to make a good impression in Oceania and Australia. Because of his expertise, he has built a long list of tips that will help a company with marketing. The four tips listed below will provide a powerful boost to your business, and you can use them to make money, to change the direction of your business, and to save time.


Chatbots are a fantastic way for you to interact with the customer. You can program a chatbots to answer a number of questions, offer advice, and direct customers to a service associate. When someone comes to your website, they should feel like they can get information right away. Plus, the people that are talking to chatbots can be introduced to options that they might not have known they had. It is best to work with Luke Lazarus when building a chatbot because he can tell you how to write up the script for the bot.

AI Recommendations

AI recommendations are a wonderful way for you to send recommendations to email list members, to offer recommendations to someone who is already shopping on your site, and to seek out the appropriate targets for ads. When you are using an AI or machine learning to figure out who needs to see your ads or recommendations, you will have more traffic coming to your site. Plus, your customers will stay on the site much longer because you have enticed them with more options for buying.

Mobile Pay Options

You must show that you have several different mobile pay options because there are so many things that you can do to help your customers buy. If your customers know that they can pay you in a variety of ways, they will not feel like your business is a chore to shop with. When a company makes shopping hard, the customers tend to move on to other places. Plus, you need to find more partners that will advertise with you. There is quite a lot of power in you and your mobile pay partner stating that you work together. 

Instagram Is Your Best Marketing Option

Instagram is still the kind of modern mobile business marketing. When you are using instagram, you can create a page that shows off all your marketing in one place. You can use your Instagram page to build something of an art exhibit that can look glorious if it is arranged well. Luke Lazarus often recommends that his clients focus on Instagram because so many young customers are shopping there to find information on businesses.

A company that uses Instagram can use IGTV to post ads and commercials that might not be seen in any other place. Because of this, you could post a number of videos to your IGTV feed that people can watch. You can even post in your story with a way for customers to swipe up and see your IGTV ads. You can create an immersive experience that will convince customers to buy because they are seeing so much information.


Luke has created the best set of tips for a company that wants to market itself well. He is a startup consultant expert in Australia who has helped make many companies very strong players in their industry. Plus, he wants people to know that they can change the way they approach their marketing by working with him to overhaul and refresh their image and services online.


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