What’s The Best Flooring For An Open Plan Room?

Open plan rooms have grown massively in popularity over the years, with most modern homes having them, whether that be a kitchen-diner or living room-diner, or even some homes having them for the whole of the ground floor! But how exactly do we style these fantastic rooms and get the best out of them, they do need a different touch to other rooms. A good place to start is your flooring, as it is something we don’t change much and can make or break a room, so what is the best flooring for an open plan room?

The firs rule to follow and perhaps the most important, is that you really need to pick one type of flooring and stick to it. Nothing looks worse than an open plan room having lots of different flooring types, it goes all patchy and just ruins the look! However with this being said, the kitchen area will have different requirements as to what it needs from a flooring than the living room for example. The kitchen is likely to come into contact with lots of spillages, stain and scratches as well as lots of foot traffic. So, with this in mind, we would never recommend a stylish fancy solid wood floor, as it’s likely to get damaged and you’ll likely spend a lot of time worrying about it. Although this is disappointing as it is such a beautiful choice, it’s just not the most practical.

So with this being said, we would recommend laminate or luxury vinyl tiles as ore suitable options. This is because they are both resistant to scratches, stains and water, as well as being much more affordable and replicate natural products flawlessly, that often it’s impossible to tell them apart! You’re not even having to sacrifice looks with these two great options.

Although we would clear of solid wood, engineered wood is a good bet. Offering great durability for high footfall as well as being easier to manage than solid, engineered wood is a good medium ground between solid and LVT. 

In terms of looks, which is of course very important, it can sometimes be best to follow a flooring which brings proportion to larger spaces. So with this being said, wide planks are a really good option for an open plan room, with some knots and grains running through it for added character. 



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