6 Ways Technology Can Save You Money

Two of the most important elements of your life are likely money and technology.  The two work in tandem, and without one, you can’t have the best of the other.  

If you want to set yourself up for success financially, find ways to use technology to achieve your goal.  Take a moment now to invest in your future, and read through a brief look at a few ways technology can save you money.  

You can find almost anything online

No matter what you need to make your life more efficient, you can find and purchase it online.  You don’t have to spend money on gas running your vehicle all around town.  

Speaking of vehicles, you can purchase used car parts online as well.  If your car is broken in the driveway, you can have the parts delivered to your front door.  

You don’t have to waste your time checking store after store.  Technology says you can sit in bed and purchase just about anything your head can think up.  

There’s an app for that 

Your smartphone (or any other mobile device, really) can download an app for just about anything.  Saving money is a forte of app developers, and there are numerous grocery chains, retail stores, and gas stations that offer loyalty benefits when you use their app.  

There are also various mobile apps that will cut you a deal on your purchase after it’s complete.  Ibotta, for example, is a mobile app that gives you money back on your purchases.  You simply scan the receipt, and the program hooks you up.  

Energy efficient appliances/devices 

Technology can save you money for many years into the future if you invest in Energy Star, energy efficient appliances and devices.  Tech has moved forward enough that today’s electronics don’t have to drain as much power as they have in the past.  

You can lower your power bill considerably by running a fully efficient household.  Also, don’t miss out on the federal tax credits offered to homeowners who invest in energy efficiency.  

You have the ability to shop around

Technology gives today’s consumers (you) the opportunity to shop around for the most fitting deal.  The lowest price isn’t always the goal of shoppers.  There’s more to a good buy than a good price.  Quality, efficiency, and suitability are all influential elements of a good buy.  

Working a remote position online

Tech can do more than just save you money, it can make you money.  Working a remote position will save you the hassle of leaving the house, the cost of gas, and more.  You’ll also get the chance to gather a paycheck, so you’ll save and score simultaneously.

Making a switch

If you happen to own your own business, turning away those guys Selling Merchant Accounts may be hurting your ability to be efficient and make more in the long run. Most of these guys have some really great tech that can help simplify your business and save costly bills by keeping your business organized and productive. 


Chadney is a journalist, the author of several books and the former editor of Cosmopotrist Magazine. She has also written for a variety of high-profile publications. Helen is the co-founder of The Writing Salon, which aims to help writers of all levels achieve their goals.

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