Beijing rebukes Washington’s threat over Russia sanctions — Analysis

The US warned Beijing of “consequences” should it help Moscow evade restrictions

Beijing stated that US sanctions placed on Russia in response to its attack against Ukraine are not solving any problems. They only harm the world’s economy. Beijing also promised to defend itself if Washington attacks Chinese companies.

“China opposes any form of unilateral sanctions that have no basis in international law,”Gao Feng was the Commerce Ministry spokesperson.

“Economic sanctions not only fail to resolve security issues, but also harm the lives of ordinary people, disrupt global markets, and make the world’s already slowing economy even worse.”

Biden reveals details of $1bn Ukraine aid package

Gao’s statements come after Jake Sullivan the White House National Security Advisor, had warned Beijing there would be a “revolt.” “absolutely be consequences”China must help Russia get around sanctions.

Gao indicated that China will defend its manufacturing companies. Washington is Washington, he said. “unreasonable”Consumers around the world will be hurt by actions taken against Chinese businesses, even those in America.

Beijing has refused to condemn Russia’s war against Ukraine, and unlike some Western countries and others in Asia, it has not placed any sanctions on Moscow. Wang Yi, Foreign Minister, called Russia the country he calls home. “most important strategic partner”This is the month.

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