Welsh govt takes heat over ‘bonkers’ woke idea — Analysis

‘Woke’ Welsh government style guide prohibits civil servants using a number of “banned words” including several references to ‘disability’

The Welsh government has been criticized for a “bonkers misuse of public money” after it drew up a style guide that instructed civil servants to avoid using certain “banned words” in order to communicate without causing offense.

Last week, a revision to the guidance document included an attempt at compiling politically correct words. The official A-Z guide told the country’s roughly 32,400 public servants to avoid using such terms as “able-bodied,” “BAME”Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic “Brexit.”

Since Brexit “has happened”Already, this suggests they are using “transition period”When referring to “time between February 1 and December 31, 2020.”Reported similarly, are officials “never” to refer to the UK government as Her Majesty’s government.

It also bans the usage of “disabled person” since the guide defines ‘disability’ as the “things which society, the environment, or policy do to a person with an impairment which disadvantages them.”This advises staff members to be aware of “context,”Society – Holding on to “barriers”That “disable”People with “impairments”As an example.

Also, the guide warns against using “vulnerable”Referring to persons with disabilities “anyone can become vulnerable for different reasons at different times in their lives.”It notes that referring to disabled people as “vulnerable” is a mischaracterization. “often wrong and does nothing to promote equality.”

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Furthermore, it scoffs at the term. “able-bodied,”Staff should be encouraged to suggest “use non-disabled” instead. BAME, the commonly used acronym is blocked. The full form of BAME should be preferred. “ethnic minority”Refer to the following references.

“It is a massive A-Z, but the only one missing is ‘W for woke.’ It is just getting so nit-picking,”The Times was told by an unnamed civil servant. The guide was compared to “a” by another official. “Big Brother of words and phrases”That has employees “looking over your shoulder every time you send an email.”

It can be described as “a” “bonkers misuse of public money,”Andrew RT Davies (Welsh Conservative Leader in the Senedd) told the paper the Labour government had beaten him to the punch. “well and truly lost the plot”And seemed “intent on imposing a woke ideology”Find out more about the country.

The Welsh government did not respond to the question.

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