Guidance to Navigating Turbulent Waters

When one considers the challenges presented to starting or running a business, often times one overlooks the complex issues that might arise given the overarching government bureaucracies. Fortunately, there are agencies that specialize in providing clients the sort of nuanced understanding of how to go about managing such bureaucratic red tape.

Merkava Strategies is one such firm. Indeed with all of the headaches associated with launching a business and getting it off the ground – whether it be amassing seed money, or simply marketing one’s product or service to the masses, hiring a public affairs professional is likely not on the top of the totem pole for most small business owners.

Some analysts will justifiably render this to be a mistake. And not just any mistake; but instead one that can produce significant issues for a business and its ultimate ability to sustain market corrections and fluctuations. Most business owners incorrectly view government relations professionals as an accessory, when in fact they are often an absolute necessity. Whether it’s applying for a government grant or ensuring that any bureaucratic obstacles in one’s way don’t present an onerous problem to a business’ sustainability, having a government relations strategist help you navigate the complex waters of government is indeed a necessity.

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