Samsung Biologics and Eli Lilly Partner to Produce COVID-19 Treatment

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This year alone, Samsung Biologics has procured a number of high-level partnerships for the global manufacturing of key treatments and medical products. In a recent announcement, the CDMO partnered with global healthcare leader Eli Lilly to accelerate the global supply for Lilly’s COVID-19 antibody therapies. Samsung Biologics and Eli Lilly entered into the manufacturing partnership in May of 2020 to address the increasingly urgent demand for COVID-19 treatments worldwide. 

“Neutralizing antibodies are proving to be an important tool in the fight against COVID-19, and the biopharmaceutical industry is collaborating quickly and effectively to increase the global manufacturing supply,” said Lilly’s CEO David A. Ricks. “This agreement with Samsung supplements Lilly’s own internal manufacturing capacity and greatly expands our ability to deliver Lilly antibody therapies to patients around the world.”

Between the Samsung Biologics’ supply chain relationships and Eli Lilly’s collaborative efforts, the raw materials needed to produce the COVID-19 antibody treatment were provided timely to allow for the first batch of drug to be delivered within just five months. Additionally, the tech transfer time was reduced dramatically to under three months due to the close communications and coordination between technical, quality, supply chain, and regulatory experts from both companies.

“We are very pleased to deliver this product to our client Lilly in record-breaking speed to aid in the war against the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic,” said Samsung Biologics CEO Dr. Tae Han Kim. “Thanks to Lilly’s ongoing scientific efforts, patients suffering from this devastating disease are gaining new hope. Samsung Biologics is proud to be Lilly’s CDMO partner and will continue to work relentlessly and collaboratively with them to bring COVID-19 treatments to patients who need them the most, wherever they are.”

The new Lilly COVID-19 drug was authorized for emergency use by the FDA for treatment in patients over 12 with underlying conditions that increase the risk of COVID complications. It is also considered a treatment option for adults with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis and higher risk factors, including obesity, chronic kidney disease, diabetes and being over 65 years old. Eli Lilly plans to make one million doses for the end of 2020 and an even greater supply going into 2021.

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