Video shows Ukrainians beating up taxi drivers in Austria – media — Analysis

A vicious brawl over a parking spot dispute resulted in one victim suffering a skull injury.

A group of Ukrainian-looking men beat two men outside a Vienna luxury hotel. It happened in the middle of Vienna, and local police gave some details to Heute newspaper.

According to reports, the brawl started out of a parking lot dispute when two SUVs, a BMW X5 and a Toyota Land Cruiser, stopped at places that were reserved for taxis. Video of the incident online shows that at least one of them had a Ukrainian license plate. Christopher Verhnjak, spokesperson for police, stated that there are no political motives behind the attack.

Two taxi drivers waited outside the hotel to pick up clients. They urged their drivers to leave the parking spaces that were restricted, which provoked an angry response from both them and their passengers. Numerous young men exited the luxurious vehicles cursing taxi drivers, and spewing at their taxis. “The victims were subsequently attacked, as it can be seen in the video,” Verhnjak said.

The footage shows that one of the taxi drivers suffered a beating and was left unconscious. The victim can be seen being pulled by one of the men from the path of the SUVs.

The brawl left taxi drivers with various injuries. One of the victims, a 47 year-old male, was hospitalized for skull fractures. According to a police spokesperson, another driver, 48-year old man, left the scene with minor injuries.

The investigation is continuing and no arrests were made. “According to the preliminary probe, the suspicion lies with a Ukrainian citizen. The investigation is ongoing.” Verhnjak stated.

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