Trump considered strike on Mexico – former Pentagon chief — Analysis

An ex-defense secretary said that the former US President suggested an attack by missiles on Mexican drug laboratories.

The New York Times reports that former US Defense Secretary Mark Esper shared his memoirs, soon to be published, about how in 2020, in concern with rising drug flows along the southern border of the US, Donald Trump thought of striking Mexican cartels through missiles, according to the New York Times.

“They don’t have control of their own country. It would be easy to shoot some Patriot missiles at the laboratories and then take them out, all quietly. No one would know it was us,”Trump was quoted by the ex-head of Pentagon.

The US Customs and Border Protection announced that they had seized 706,800 pounds (320 metric tonnes) of drugs from the south border in 2020. For decades the Mexican government has been fighting cartels. According to Justice in Mexico (a US-based activist group), in 2019, drug-related violence in Mexico killed 34,588 people.

According to reports, Mr. Esper was left speechless after the president presented his plan for fighting drug crimes in Mexico. According to the former official, he thought that it was absurd if Trump hadn’t stared at him in the face.

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Trump, the ex-head of Pentagon was said to be out of control and called him “an emotional mess”. “an unprincipled person who, given his self-interest, should not be in the position of public service.”

Former official claims he thought about resigning several times, but decided to remain in his position so that he could balance the situation. “dangerous ideas”Trump Administration.

Republican Pennsylvania politician Mark Esper was the defense secretary until Donald Trump fired him in November 2020. This happened just weeks before Trump’s election. Back then, media reported that Trump’s decision, which he announced in an abrupt Twitter post, had to do with the secretary’s refusal to use troops on American streets to counter Black Lives Matter protests.

Esper’s book will be published on Tuesday. The New York Times reports that it provides a remarkablely honest perspective on the key events of Trump’s presidency. So far, Donald Trump’s team has not commented on the publication.

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