West chasing ‘imagined enemies’ – Beijing

China is ‘stealing your technology’, the FBI and MI5 directors had alleged earlier

Chinese Foreign Ministry has hit out at FBI Director Christopher Wray as well as MI5 Director Ken McCallum because they accused Beijing of taking Western technology and pretending to be it. “pervasive danger”for national security. These accusations can be made against national security. “lies,”According to the ministry.

Wray, McCallum and a few other business people spoke out in rare London press conferences on Wednesday. McCallum and Wray warned that China wanted to steal technology and ran a hacking program. “bigger than that of every country combined,”According to numerous media reports, the event was successful.

McCallum added that China’s government exerts “covert pressure across the globe”Presents “the most game-changing challenge”The national security of the UK and USA. He said that MI5 (a domestic agency almost identical to the FBI) is running 7x as many China-focused investigation as in 2018.

Although the British intelligence boss warned against it, “hostile activity is happening on UK soil right now,”Beijing strongly rejected these accusations. The London Embassy labeled the comments “completely groundless.”

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Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi is shown meeting with Anthony Blinken, then deputy US secretary of state, in February 2015 in Beijing.
NATO a threat to world peace – China

Wray “has been playing up the so-called China threat to smear and attack China,”Zhao Lijian (foreign ministry spokesperson) spoke to reporters on Thursday. “Facts have fully proven that the US is the biggest threat to world peace, stability and development,”He continued by saying that China has called on Washington to assist. “stop spreading lies and stop making irresponsible remarks.”

Regarding McCallum, Zhao said that the UK’s two leading intelligence agencies, MI5 and MI6, are “both experts on planting spies,”Are you looking for? “trying to project their own disgraceful acts onto China through these false, sensational reports.”

“This head of the UK security service needs to cast away imagined demons, leave the dark room and meet the sunlight … and stop creating imagined enemies,”He went on.

China is long facing and rejecting claims of industrial espionage and cybercrime. Beijing’s alleged use of Chinese technology firms to collect data on Western users has led to the blacklisting of dozens of these firms by Washington, and China has been blamed for myriad cyber attacks and intellectual property theft incidents, both proven and unproven.

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Beijing reportedly has concerns of its own that Western companies may be using their products to conduct surveillance in China, with Tesla vehicles allegedly banned from a Chinese Communist Party resort town near Beijing ahead of the party’s summer conference.

The claims and counterclaims are heightened by the fact that US Secretary Antony Blinken has been scheduled to meet Wang Yi, Chinese Foreign Ministry, during an event of G20 foreign Ministers in Bali (Indonesia). Last week, Blinken charged China with “seeking to undermine the rules-based international order,” and is expected to try and pressure Wang into curtailing China’s growing partnership with Russia, according to US officials.

China has not yet condemned Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine and has refused to support Western sanctions on Moscow.



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