How to Be An Impactful Leader: With Diego Ruiz Duran

Most of the greatest leaders in the world have one thing in common; they help people. It’s very easy to fall into traps and believe individuals who have negative mindsets. A lot of time, with the digital world growing every second, online harassment also bring people down. However, there are many ways to combat bullies. Diego Ruiz Durán has gone through so many hardships to become as successful as he is today. Many people didn’t believe in him, questioned his abilities, and persuaded him to take on a different career. Yet, Diego Ruiz Durán was relentless and never gave up on his dreams. His dedication to his craft has helped him embrace leadership qualities that many of his peers could only dream of having. 

Diego Ruiz Durán has a very strong educational background, according to his website. He graduated from The University of Oxford with a degree in Criminal Justice. He now is a professor at Escuela Libre de Derecho in Mexico. After years of experience, he is now one of the most well-known criminal justice lawyers in the world. Yet, this didn’t all happen overnight. Durán had to prove himself to his mentors and peers before establishing such a successful business. 

Durán has always told his fellows that failure is important. Of course, failing on purpose is not acceptable, but making mistakes is part of life. Without having a certain failure, it would be impossible to grow from them. As Durán started his law career, he knew that some high profile clients were going to take a lot of work and dedication to grant them the best results. He knew that every client needed to be treated with respect and kindness for any professional relationship to work. Sometimes failure can come when someone least expects it. For example, simple scheduling issues can cause a variety of issues down the line. If two high profile clients are accidentally scheduled for the same day to meet with Diego, he would have to choose between them at the last minute. That choice could cost him business because one client may seem less inclement to use his services if they are not chosen to meet with him first. Luckily, this is only an example and has never happened in Durán’s firm. However, many situations like this are relevant. As clients begin to meet with their lawyers online, scheduling issues are bound to arise. How one handles the situation is what defines the failure. What Diego suggests during his interview for Milenio, is that leadership comes from failures. Mistakes are much less likely to happen once they are brought to the attention of whoever makes them. Leaders who do not make mistakes and try to live a ‘perfect lifestyle’ will never be relatable enough to gain a stable following. It’s mistakes that usually bring out the strongest people because they will be the first to admit to any wrongdoings and try to progress on a higher intellectual level than anyone else. 

Another important note of leadership advice Diego has been known to give is to always look for positives. Having an uplifting and optimistic attitude on a situation can change the outcome in many ways. It’s easy to jump to anger, sadness, or confusion when something in the office goes array. Being able to jump back from negative news press or false articles being published about the firm is very crucial. Looking at the positives in a situation can increase the likelihood that it will end up being okay. As seen on his Flickr, Diego is always smiling. He believes that sometimes, putting on a smile so those around feel safer and more secure is a must. As a leader, it’s important to be able to calm down peers and employees under high-pressure situations. With a clearer mind, more progress will occur. Getting lost in our own negative thoughts is so easy. That’s why a good, strong leader needs to have their own creative ways of avoiding anxiety-ridden situations, especially in the workplace. 

Diego Ruiz Durán has been a pillar in his community for reformative action and growing local businesses. His advice to any students helps them be more lucrative as individuals and in a team setting. He reminds everyone he works with that mistakes are accepted and positivity is necessary for a beneficial leadership.


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