US issues order for diplomats in China

Because of a rise in Covid cases as well as related restrictions by the government, all non-emergency staff were ordered to be evacuated

US State Department ordered diplomat workers to leave a Chinese consulate. This was due to a rising number of coronavirus infection and the need for more restrictive containment. American citizens are also advised not to travel to the country.

A Monday advisory called for all non-emergency employees to evacuate the US consulate Shanghai “due to a surge in Covid-19 cases”Also available: “the impact of restrictions”Chinese authorities imposed sanctions in protest.  

Pointing to the government’s “zero-tolerance approach”towards the virus, it stated “severely impacts travel and access to public services,”The State Department continued to question Americans about their opinions. “reconsider”Travel to this country without warning. “the risk of parents and children being separated.”

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Healthcare workers and volunteers are pictured in a residential compound where mass Covid-19 testing is being conducted on April 4, 2022, Shanghai, China
China’s Army is deployed to Shanghai

New restrictions apply “residential quarantines, mass testing, closures, transportation disruptions”The department also mentioned lockdowns and restrictions, and noted that these are common. “implemented with little warning,”Can you? “change very quickly.”

The Shanghai consulate is now closed but it has not been closed for the public. “local Covid-19 control measures,”It has been staffed to continue providing emergency services for citizens who are in dire need. Last week, the State Department stated that staff members who are not emergency personnel could leave at will. However, it has ordered them to depart. 

Beijing responded strongly to the earlier notice. Zhao Lijan, spokesperson for Foreign Ministry stated that China was “strongly dissatisfied with and firmly opposed to the US side’s groundless accusation against China’s epidemic response.”

LEARN MORE China declares another major lockdown

Shanghai has emerged as one of China’s major Covid-19 hotspots in recent weeks, registering a record-high of 26,087 new infections on Sunday, though just 914 were symptomatic, according to local officials. More than 12,000 medics have been deployed to the metropolis from other regions – including 2,000 from the military – amid a new mass-testing initiative, while new quarantine centers have been created for those who screen positive. Initial lockdowns were imposed by the government on this huge city of 26 millions. The policy was then extended to full stay-at home. Authorities say that the restrictions will gradually be lifted over the next few weeks.



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