2022 to begin with massive meteor shower — Analysis

Officials predict that the Quadrantid meteorshower will be at its highest on January 2nd and continue into the morning of the following day. It could prove to be the most significant of the year.

People will be able to top off their New Year’s celebrations by viewing what NASA is calling “one of the better meteor showers of the year.”

Quadrantid meteor shower is a common event at the start of each year. “bright meteors”They are fireballs which appear in the night sky. The meteor shower peak coincides with the next full moon. This makes it darker in the evening sky, making the experience more enjoyable. 

People should see shooting stars through the night sky after midnight. The meteor shower peak will last only for a few hours and sends dozens of meteors through the sky each hour, until sunrise. 

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If the meteor shower has not reached its peak point, some meteors may be visible here and there. The meteor shower will begin to taper off in January 2012. It is best to avoid the city and go into a dark place to get the best view. 

“You should be able to see a few meteors on the couple of nights before and after as well,”NASA stated. Near the Big Dipper, the meteors will be from Bootes. It is thought that the source may be something called an “extinct comet,”Also known as 2003 EH1 Asteroid 

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