Court rules injury on way from bed to desk a ‘workplace accident’ — Analysis

A German court has ruled that a man who wiped out and cracked his spine on the way from his bed to his home office while working remotely is entitled to compensation, deeming his brief and painful journey an “insured activity.”

The Federal Social Court determined that the man – who was “on his way to work from his bedroom to the home office one floor below” when he tripped on a staircase and broke a thoracic vertebra – was traveling along an “insured work route.”

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“The plaintiff suffered an accident at work when he fell on the way to his home office in the morning,”On Wednesday, the court declared.

An earlier ruling of a lower court stated that the man had been engaged to an “uninsured preparatory act”The federal body declared that the plaintiff was covered by his employer even though he had been deemed uninsurable. This ruling did not clarify whether the plaintiff had been working from home as a result of the Covid-19 epidemic or any other reason.

However, the court added that only a worker’s “first”The trip between their bedroom and their office may be covered. Later movement within the home will not be covered. For covered activities within the household and in any other location compensation is available. “provided to the same extent as when the activity is carried out at the company premises,”Judge said that as long the injured employee was working from home, the rule applies.

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