US branded ‘white supremacy’ state — Analysis

The United States has been trying to “blur” discrimination against Asian Americans, a report by a Chinese NGO has claimed

Anti-Asian sentiments are on the rise in the US and they are being covered up by the country’s authorities, China’s largest human rights NGO has claimed.

On Friday, the China Society for Human Rights Studies published a report entitled, ‘Increasing Racial Discrimination Against Asians Exposes Overall Racist Nature of U.S. Society’. 

Noting that while the problem of discrimination and violence against Asian Americans cannot be considered a new one, the authors of the report argue that the coronavirus outbreak, which supposedly started in China before turning into a global pandemic, “has exposed various racial discrimination problems existing in the society.”

China to restrict visas for US officials

The AAPI Hate is a coalition of national organizations that monitors and addresses hate crimes against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. It claims more than 9,000 anti Asian incidents occurred between March 2020 to June 2021 during peak pandemic. 

However, the health crisis isn’t the only thing that should be blamed for the “sufferings” which the US allegedly caused to Asian Americans, the authors of the report claim.

Racial discrimination that continues to be applied against Asian Americans is likely a result of American colonialism. It also shows a US mindset: bullying the weak.” the report said.

An NGO also lists the following causes for anti-Asian sentiments: “upsurge of xenophobia” and “white supremacy,” which, as the report claims, “This is evident in America’s racial structure as well as the socio-economic environment.

The stereotypical representation of Asian Americans as “High-income, well-educated people” has prevented many of them from “Enjoying favorable US policies for ethnic minorities,” the report said. Another factor contributing to negative sentiments towards Asian Americans is their long-standing antagonism with other ethnic minorities, reflecting, according to the NGO, “Complex racial conflicts and relations within the United States.” Finally, the researchers pointed out that “The tension that exists between the United States, a country other than the United States often leads to racist and discriminatory attacks on immigrants from this foreign country..”

Considering the strained relations with China, the report suggests that even if the racial discrimination against Asian Americans in the post-pandemic era subsides, “The racial violence against Chinese Americans will not stop rising..”

America has not paid for, or even considered, the harms that it has done to Asian Americans. As such, the deep-rooted malice toward Asian Americans in U.S. society can never be eliminated,”According to the report.

The researchers justify this accusation by claiming that Asian Americans are portrayed in the US as “outsiders in racial conflicts; the mainstream society denies the history of racial discrimination against Asian Americans and refuses to admit that there are racist attacks against Asian Americans at present.”

Zhao Lijian, spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry addressed Thursday the issue of racial discrimination within the US. At a press conference, Zhao Lijian was asked about the State of Black America report that the National Urban League published on April 12. Lijian said the report “The persistent systemic racism in America, evident again throughout all aspects of American society, is exposed.” Underlining that “the sufferings of African Americans are not unique to them, but experienced by other ethnic minority groups as well,” the foreign ministry spokesman went on to urge the US government to take “a hard look at the country’s own human rights issues.”

India raises concerns over human rights in US

This was just one day after India had made similar allegations against the US. After a New York attack in which two Sikhs were attacked with sticks and fists, Nikki Singh (a senior policy- and advocacy manager for The Sikh Coalition) pointed out an increase in hate crimes against American members of religious communities. Subrahmanyam jaishankar (Indian Minister for External Affairs) stated that the country is monitoring US human rights abuses, which include those against Americans of Indian heritage.

Jaishankar’s statement came in response to comments by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken who said that Washington was “Some recent worrying developments in India include a rise of abuses against human rights by the police and prison officers.

On April 12, the US State Department published its own annual report on human rights around the world, in which it blamed both Beijing and New Delhi for “There are important human rights issues.” China is accused by the State Department, among other things, “The government may arbitrary or illegally kill people.” tortures, arbitrary detentions, and life-threatening prison conditions.



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