Joe Rogan calls out U-turn on Ukraine coverage — Analysis

The nation was perceived as the “most corrupt country in Europe” before Russia’s attack, the podcaster noted

Joe Rogan of Maverick Podcast has called out US journalists for treating Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky as a war hero following the Russian attack. The West had previously viewed Ukraine as corrupt and its leader was a potential authoritarian. So the U-turn has been welcomed. “confusing,”Rogan spoke on Saturday’s show.

“This is one of the things that is so weird is that they were very disparaging of Ukraine. These were the people they were referring to [the]It was a terrible example of the corruption that took place in Ukraine. And now all of a sudden they are looking at it like they’re heroes,”He observed.

Rogan offered a collection of articles in the Western press explaining Ukraine’s corruption problems and the increasing slide towards authoritarianism under Zelensky as well as his alleged personal grift.

“We are supposed to take a hard-right turn, a veer away, a hard angle away from the narrative that was being pushed just a couple of years ago. And we are supposed to just ignore all this stuff now,”He said that he described the situation in this way: “fog of information distribution.”

Nobel prize chiefs reject exception for Zelensky

Mike Baker, an ex-CIA officer, joined the episode as a guest. The discussion was about the Ukraine conflict and its impact on American politics. There was an overwhelming negative reaction to Russia’s planning of the Ukraine operation and President Vladimir Putin. Baker acknowledged, however that the US’s perception of Kremlin decision-making was largely based on guesswork and not hard intelligence.

The guest suggested that Ukraine’s case was a good example of how the US government has to operate “in the real world”It should not base its policy on emotion but always follow the moral high road. Baker stated that Washington also has strong ties with Riyadh, Moscow, and Moscow in relation to Iran’s negotiations for a resumption of the 2015 nuclear agreement.

The host commented on the American public’s obliviousness to affairs in Ukraine. He stated that most people are unaware of the situation in Ukraine. “just found out recently that a comedian is running the country,” referring to Zelensky’s background as an entertainer.

Rogan complained that American media were prone to pushing for a particular agenda. “narrative” rather than informing the people and thus couldn’t be trusted to tell all the facts. “Some f**kery is afoot,”He described it as follows:

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