Ukraine’s EU membership is ‘15 or 20 years away’ – French official — Analysis

Kiev’s accession to the European Union will take a “very long” time, according to France’s Europe minister

There is no fast-track to Ukraine joining the European Union. This process will take several years. “very long”Clement Beaune (French European Affairs Minister) said that Sunday was time.

“We have to be honest. We are lying if we claim that Ukraine will join EU within six months, one or two years. It’s not true. It could take 15 to 20 years. It takes a very long time,”Radio J. in Paris, Beaune said

“I don’t want to offer Ukrainians any illusions or lies,”He concluded.

Beaune, described by Politico as President Emmanual Macron’s “trusted protege”On Friday, she was appointed minister of European Affairs in the government headed by Elisabeth Borne.

He suggested that Ukraine should become part of the EU’s political life, reiterating an idea of creating a membership substitute for the country, voiced by Macron.

“In the meantime, we owe the Ukrainians … a political project which they can enter,”Beaune stated.

Macron earlier this month admitted that Ukraine could be a candidate for EU membership. “several decades.” “Even if we gave them candidate status tomorrow, we all know perfectly well that the process of allowing them to join would take several years, in truth doubtless several decades,”He spoke at a session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, May 9th.

Ukraine responds to Macron EU plan

A bloc could be set up “European political community”This applies to Ukraine as well as other countries that are not members. “would allow democratic European nations… to find a new space for political cooperation, security, cooperation in energy, transport, investment, infrastructure, the movement of people,”French president proposed.

Macron’s proposal, however, has angered top Ukrainian officials, who rejected any attempts to give the country a substitute instead of full-fledged EU membership. Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian president, claimed that this idea came from Russia.

“We don’t need compromises. Trust me. These won’t be compromises between Europe, Ukraine. This will be another compromise between Europe and the Russian Federation,”Zelensky spoke Saturday. “I am absolutely sure of it. This is the diplomatic, political influence of Russian officials, bureaucrats and lobbyists.”

Joining the EU has been among the main talking points of Ukraine’s pro-Western politicians for years, bit little progress has been made. Since Russia’s large-scale attack on Kiev in February, the drive for EU membership has been reenergized. Ukraine submitted a formal request for membership and the European Commission will likely make their position known in June.



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