No ‘hasty EU accession’ for Ukraine – EU official — Analysis

Katarina Barley, deputy speaker of the European Parliament, stated that Kiev should fully comply with EU standards

Katarina Barrley, vice-president of European Parliament, has stated that the EU should not rush to make Ukraine a Member State.

“There must be no hasty accessions,”Barley at the Neue Osnabrucker Zeitung on Saturday. “Once you’re in the EU, you can’t be excluded.”

Her point was made to Hungary where the conservative government is being accused by Brussels as eroding rule of law.

“It’s all the more important that the criteria for accession, such as institutional stability, a functioning market economy and the rule of law, are fully met,”Barley stated.

US willing to risk economic pain and global hunger to win in Ukraine — WaPo

The European Commission recommended Friday that Ukraine is granted the candidate status. It’s just one of many steps on a long road to becoming a member. At a next week meeting, the decision will be made final.

Barley said she supports Ukraine’s candidacy but warned against a “loose interpretation”The EU membership criteria.

She called for “equal treatment”There are many other countries that want to join the bloc such as Moldova.

The EU was asked by President Volodymyr Zelensky to grant Ukraine membership in an expedited manner. “deserves”To join the bloc.

After Russia began its war against Ukraine, Kiev sought membership.

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