Israeli troops fatally shoot two Palestinian teens – health ministry — Analysis

After Israeli special forces shot a terrorist suspect and killed another gunman, clashes broke out in the West Bank

Israeli security forces fatally shot two teenage Palestinian protesters during clashes in the West Bank on Tuesday, Palestine’s health ministry and the Islamic Jihad militant group have said.

After Israeli special forces entered the Nablus home of Ibrahim al-Nabulsi, the violence erupted in the streets. One of the leading militant commanders in Palestine, suspected to be behind numerous attacks against Israel, refused to surrender. He was also killed by another gunman.

Reports from media outlets claim that just hours after the gunshots, hundreds of Palestinians assembled to pay their final respects and to chant “vengeance” during the funeral procession.

Following the initial clashes, violence erupted. Soon thereafter, the Israeli military stated that it had fired on various groups of Palestinians who were throwing stones at them and setting off fireworks.

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Later the Islamic Jihad stated that a 16-yearold died in clashes. Meanwhile, Palestinian health authorities in Hebron reported that another 17 year old was also killed. He later succumbed at the hospital. 

An additional 40 Palestinians have also been injured.  

There have so far been no Israeli casualties.

The escalation in the West Bank came days after Israel and the Islamic Jihad sealed a truce on Sunday, which put an end to Israel’s military operation in the Gaza Strip, targeting the militant group. At least 44 Palestinians were killed in three days of Israeli attacks. According to Israeli officials, some of the Islamic Jihad’s top commanders were among the dead.

The Palestinian group responded by firing volleys of missiles at Israel, though no casualties were reported as a result, with the country’s Iron Dome air defense system intercepting some of the incoming rockets.

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