UK poised to outsource migrant processing to Rwanda – reports — Analysis

Media is buzzing over ‘secretive’ scheme while required legislation ping-pongs in British Parliament

Boris Johnson, UK PM is waiting for the final touches to a “secretive deal worth millions”The UK would allow illegal migrants to enter by putting them on planes, and then flying to Rwanda for processing. UK media reports that London would reimburse the East African landlocked country for its troubles. “a government source.” 

Johnson was on the verge of announcing the deal last week following a surge in unauthorized migration across the English Channel but postponed the statement pending the completion of the deal’s final details, the source claims.

The Times reported that terms for the payment-to-process Rwanda plan cannot be agreed upon until royal assent has been given to Nationality and Borders Bill. The bill proposes legislation to permit immigration authorities to accept asylum seekers from abroad. The bill is still not approved by the House of Lords. 

Britain bears responsibility for migrant deaths – Macron

There are key differences between the lower and upper chambers of British Parliament. They disagree over the cost of this program, as well humanitarian concerns. The UK is trying to handle what could be a record-breaking number of migrant crossings this coming year. As of June 2013, 4,500 migrants had crossed the English Channel to the United Kingdom. That figure wasn’t reached until June last year. There were 28,526 migrants who crossed the Channel into Britain in total by 2021. 

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