Police unions protest after officer arrested — Analysis

Two people were killed by a Parisian police officer on Election Night. He has now been accused of murder.

On Monday, hundreds of French police union members protested the arrest of one of their officers over the killing of two persons in a car that was parked on Paris’ Pont-Neuf Bridge. The incident occurred on April 24, the night before the French election. The three police unions, Alliance, Synergie, and Unsa-Police, declared the decision to arrest their colleague “Unadmissible” and pledged to take to the streets to air their grievances across 40 cities, focusing their efforts on courts and police stations. 

Macron’s re-election masks deep French malaise

The largest crowd was to gather at the Place Saint-Michel near the site of the Pont-Neuf shooting. Seemingly concerned that the government cannot be relied upon to back actions taken in the line of duty, the police are demanding the establishment of a “Presumption for self-defense

The officer fired at the vehicle on the Paris bridge, firing his gun when the vehicle failed to stop at a checkpoint. A total of two people were killed and another was hurt in the incident. Officer claimed that he had fired in self-defense. The officer claimed that he fired in self-defense. Local media hasn’t mentioned whether the car’s occupants were armed. Details around the case are still unclear.

Internal investigation agency officers immediately took the officer, aged 24, into their offices to be questioned. The prosecution suggested that he may have used excessive force. According to AFP, the police report confirms the amount of shots that were fired. Five or six of the twelve bullets fired hit the victims. The officer has been charged with “deliberate homicide” of the driver of the vehicle, “A person in public office commits deliberate violence that results in the death of another individual without intent to do so” regarding the front-seat passenger, who was also killed, and “A person with public authority has the ability to voluntarily combine violence” with regard to the back-seat passenger, who was injured but survived.

Paris violence during May Day (VIDEOS).

Shortly after cops marched out onto the streets, protesters joined in the fight at some points. They denounced police violence and accused the officers of murder. France has seen tensions between authorities and citizens for many years. After weeks of Yellow Vest demonstrations, protests against Covid-19 restrictions gave way to anti-Macron electoral protests. Dozens were arrested on Sunday as well at May Day protests and demonstrations against Macron’s reelection.

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