First ‘living robots’ can now ‘spontaneously’ self-replicate, scientists say — Analysis

Miniscule biological machines developed by scientists from the cells of Frogs – commonly referred to as Xenobots – can now self-replicate according to a new scientific report.

In a 2013 report, the Xenobots was made public. It suggested that self-repairing technology can be used to replace materials like concrete, steel and plastic. It was then revealed in March that the organisms could be trained to recognize their environment and to assemble themselves into one swarm.

Xenobots 2.0? Scientists create improved biological robots from frog cells capable of ‘swarm’ behavior, memory & self-healing

An article from the PNAS journal Monday suggested that the Xenobots could self-replicate.

Joshua Bongard was one of co-authors. “with the right design”Organisms “will spontaneously self-replicate,”The technology could also be used to prevent future pandemics or increase vaccine production.

Sam Kriegman was the lead author and described the research as a completely new type of self-replicating. He also noted that “no animal or plant known to science replicates in this way.”Supercomputers successfully conditioned the xenobots in order to produce by conditioning them with ideal shapes “parents” after “months”The researcher said that it was a laborious task. Even though Pac-Man-like design was somewhat counter-intuitive, the researcher found it too “simple”,It proved extremely productive.

Pac-Man is shaped “parent Xenobots”It was able to give rise not only one, but multiple generations of buildings. “great-grandchildren”Who, in turn created “great-great-grandchildren,” Kriegman claimed.

Bongard stated that speed of replication is crucial for practical application of bots.

“If we can develop technologies, learning from Xenobots, where we can quickly tell the AI: ‘We need a biological tool that does X and Y and suppresses Z,’ —that could be very beneficial,” Bongard explained.

Bongard maintained that there are no risks to the supposedly revolutionary technology, but several reports raise ethical questions about Xenobot technology. They could even be used as a weapon of mass destruction and assassination.



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