Two killed in shooting in Israel — Analysis

A gunman who attacked people in Tel Aviv’s popular street is still being sought by police

Local media reported that at least two victims were killed and eight more injured by a gunman who attacked people in Tel Aviv’s Dizengoff Street on Thursday night. It is home to many restaurants and bars.

According to the Sourasky Medical Center, at least four individuals are in serious or critical condition. Social media videos showed the aftermath, with people seen wandering among the tables at one of the outdoor cafés while emergency personnel rush those who were injured to the hospital.

Israeli security forces continue to search the area for the gunman and have requested that the general public stay home. The incident appeared to be a “nationalistically motivated” attack, the Times of Israel reported, citing the police.

“From what we know, there are signs this was [an act of] terror,”Ami Eshed, Tel Aviv’s chief of police has stated this. It is not known who the attacker or possible perpetrators were.

Local media reports that the attack came after several stabbings and shootings in Israeli cities over the past month. In all, 11 victims were killed by the terrorist attacks. The Times of Israel has called the development the deadliest terror outbreak since 2006.

Uncertain if these incidents are related or if they occur at random. According to the militant Palestinian Hamas group, Gaza Strip is under its control, the attack on Thursday was called a terrorist act. “natural and legitimate response” to Israel’s “crimes”For Palestinians and Jerusalem.

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad has said, too that the terrorist attack they called ‘The Tel Aviv operation’Israel was sent a clear message “stop incursions into [the] al-Aqsa mosque,”According to the Jerusalem Post.

All security forces in Israel are on alert. According to Israeli media, around 1,000 soldiers from special forces have been sent out to assist the police in various areas.

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