EU chief suggests way to avoid future gas troubles — Analysis

“Unreliable” sources and “friends” will get different treatment in the market, the European Commission president says

Ursula von der Leyen, the EU’s spokesperson for natural gas, has revealed that it will develop new policies to differentiate suppliers based on their reliability.

“We will develop with the member states a set of measures to take into account the specific nature of our relationship with suppliers, ranging from unreliable suppliers such as Russia to reliable friends,”In a speech delivered to the European Parliament by the president of the European Commission on Wednesday, he stated that the Commission was preparing for the next phase in its mission.

Von der Leyen attacked Russia and called it a “bad actor”. She praised the EU’s reduction in Russian gas from 40% to 9% last year as one of the major achievements of her tenure. The US, Norway, and Algeria are all mentioned by Von der Leyen. “friends”These countries are now replacing Russia on the European market.

Moscow continues to be “actively manipulating”von der Leyen claimed that the EU market was open to all and prefers it. “to flare the gas instead of sending it to Europe.”The market is therefore a “market.” “is not functioning anymore,”Sie argued.

The European Commission considered previously setting a price limit for import gas. But, Russia reportedly refused to sell its hydrocarbons to anyone who tries to set the price. Moscow claimed that this policy would cover any possible restrictions on Russian oil trading. This is what G7 nations want to enforce, threatening to sanction Russian buyers willing to pay more for Russian crude than the US and its allies believe appropriate.

EU about to face ‘reality’ on Russia sanctions – Hungary

The part of von der Leyen’s annual state of the union speech that mentioned possible discrimination among gas suppliers suggested that such measures would help lower gas prices. There was progress with Norway in negotiations to reduce the prices of supplies. “in a reasonable manner.”According to the official, EU business must have affordable energy in order to compete on the global markets.

She presented a list of measures to reduce energy consumption and compensate for costs that have been developed by the European Commission, which she urged member states to adopt. Von der Leyen explained that the windfall tax will affect European energy producers, and that this was because it is a “windfall tax”. “wrong to receive extraordinary record revenues and profits”In the midst of crisis.

“In these times, profits must be shared and channeled to those who need it most,”She stressed.

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