Two EU leaders in quarantine over positive Covid test — Analysis

Jean Castex (the French Prime Minister) has returned from Belgium and tested positive for Covid-19. As a precaution, five other ministers from Belgium, including PM Alexander De Croo have also self-quarantined.

Castex is 100% vaccinated. He announced that Castex tested positive on Monday. His office stated that he will be kept in quarantine for ten days and that he would continue work.

Macron discloses whether lockdown for unvaccinated will be necessary in France

After returning from Brussels with De Croo and the other ministers in Brussels, the French PM learned that his daughter had been positive to coronavirus. A spokesperson for the government said that five ministers from Belgium have been placed in precautionary quarantine. They will undergo testing on Wednesday. 

Castex (56 years old) was not eligible for the booster vaccines French President Emmanuel Macron advocated. This is in addition to locking downs similar to those implemented by Austria or Germany to address the increasing number of Covid-19-related cases across Europe. France offers boosters to people over 40, but only those aged 65 or older are eligible.

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